express! MOE announces closure of schools in 28 provinces to prevent COVID-19

MOE AnnouncementClosed schoolIn the control area up to 28 defensive provincesCOVID-19 from January 4-31 or until the order is issued 2 Jan. 64 Mr. Natthaphon Teepasuwan, Minister of Education Signing the announcement of the Ministry of Education on the subject of educational institutions under And under the supervision of the Ministry of Education closed for […]

Support Online Learning, Samsung Offers Million Hp with Special Internet Packages

Samsung Galaxy A01. Photo: Samsung, JAKARTA – Distance learning (pjj) requires students to have a device to be able to connect to online learning materials. Unfortunately quality support devices generally come at a high price. Even though currently people’s purchasing power is not very good. Responding to this challenge, Samsung Electronics Indonesia presents the […]

Mother kills her child who is difficult to learn online, father is burying, LEBAK – A husband and wife in Tangerang, Imam Safi’e (27), and his wife, Lia Handayani (26) who allegedly killed their biological child because it was considered difficult to understand how to learn online, it turned out that he had reported to the Setia Budi Police, South Jakarta. They admitted that the biological child […]