Mother kills her child who is difficult to learn online, father is burying, LEBAK – A husband and wife in Tangerang, Imam Safi’e (27), and his wife, Lia Handayani (26) who allegedly killed their biological child because it was considered difficult to understand how to learn online, it turned out that he had reported to the Setia Budi Police, South Jakarta.

They admitted that the biological child was missing.

“From the report, the officers can reveal the victim Keysya Safiyah, an eight year old child who died,” said Head of Public Relations of the Banten Police, Senior Commissioner Edi Sumardi, in Lebak, Tuesday (15/9).

Keysya has a twin brother, Keyla Safiyah.

In an already deserted condition, the suspect buried the twins’ bodies in Cipalabuh Village, Cijaku District, Lebak Regency, about 300 meters from the settlement.

Before burying Safiyah, they first borrowed a hoe from the locals.

After that, the suspect left for Cijaku in Lebak Regency for a three-hour journey to bury his son on a motorbike.

It only took 20 hours to reveal and arrest the suspected perpetrator of the child murder case who turned out to be his own parents.



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