Ghost on TikTok? Girl appears to truck drivers at dawn

The video of ghost Of a girl what appears to trailers in the early morning, it’s sweeping views in TikTok. The images show a small white body that wanders through the courtyard of a trailer boarding house. According to the man who recorded the ghostit is about a girl who always appears and “plays” in […]

The massive confinement in China due to Covid unearths the ghost of 2020

Empty streets in busy Shanghai, queues in supermarkets to have supplies in case of confinement or quarantined residential complexes. The images that arrive from China seem to be a memory of March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic broke out and most countries in the world imposed harsh restrictions to stop contagion. However, two years have […]

Fibes returns to the big show circuit with the first musical after two years

Fibes consolidated its position on the circuit of major cultural shows in 2019, a year in which it earned three million euros from activities in this line of business. The pandemic forcedly reduced the calendar, which, again, begins to resume this year with a musical, a type of show in which the congress center has […]

Indra sinks: the increase in SEPI’s participation resurrects the ghost of ITP

Indra has sunk 9.4% on the stock market (it has fallen by close to 10%) after learning yesterday afternoon, with the market closed, that the SEPI (State Society of Industrial Participations) will increase its stake in the company up to 28% from the 18.75% you currently control. Renta 4 experts say that “greater control by […]

Junior fans made fun of América de Cali with a “ghost of B”

America of Cali It is one of the historical Colombian soccer teams. With four finals in the Liberators cup (1985, 1986, 1987 and 1996) added to the 15 titles at the national level, they enter the podium of the “greats”. However, in 2011 they lost the category and the journey for promotion took them several […]