How companies saw off managers – and what helps against it

Oversized hand overturns table with managers Companies are increasingly separating from executives – not always in the fine way. (Photo: Matt Kenyon / Icon Images / F1online) Düsseldorf The divisional director of an insurance company felt presented: while he was presenting the successes of his department in the presence of his colleagues, the divisional board […]

Computers could do every third job

Berlin The digital twin is on the rise. Mechanical engineers or architectural offices use a virtual copy of the planned project in order to be able to work more efficiently. All those involved follow the construction progress in real time. If there are delays somewhere, the use of materials and personnel as well as the […]

Help for companies: Those who train receive a bonus – economy

There is great concern that companies are reducing their training efforts because of the corona pandemic. That is why the federal government has launched a corresponding program. But it will “not be accepted to the extent planned,” says Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. Stuttgart – Almost 3800 companies in Baden-Württemberg can look forward to financial support. […]

Unemployment remains high in Hessen

Dhe situation on the Hessian labor market did not deteriorate despite the further lockdown in November. However, there is no improvement in sight either. As the regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency reports, the demand for workers continues to stagnate. Compared to the previous year, the number of vacancies in Hesse has decreased by […]

In the corona pandemic: Now even the unemployment of care workers is increasing

Die unemployment The number of nurses has increased significantly in the current year, with foreign workers being particularly affected. According to figures from the Federal Employment Agency, which are available to WELT, unemployment among German employees in the elderly care group rose by 27 percent from the turn of the year until the end of […]

Continental brings a reduction in collective working hours into play

Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The forecast is terrifying: Instead of more than 98 million vehicles like 2018, experts are expecting global production to collapse to a maximum of 70 million vehicles this year. Overcapacities of around a third will inevitably cost thousands of jobs. Because the doldrums on the car market could reach into 2025. Car makers […]

Labor market: 7.3 million Germans in May according to Ifo figures in short-time work

Dhe consequences of the corona pandemic on the German labor market are devastating. In May, for example, no fewer than 7.3 million employees were on short-time work in Germany. This is shown by exclusive calculations by the Munich Ifo Institute. “This number has never been so high,” says Ifo labor market expert Sebastian Link, looking […]