German Companies Struggle in Sluggish Economy: Würth Runs Out of Breath

German Companies Struggle in Sluggish Economy: Würth Runs Out of Breath

Würth runs out of breath Sluggish economy is causing problems for German companies 08/19/2023, 06:08 p.m Although inflation is slowing down, it remains at high levels. Rising interest rates are making loans more expensive, and industrial production has surprisingly fallen recently. The specific effects of the sluggish economy are shown by the highlights of three […]

BASF wants to save €500 million through massive layoffs

The world’s largest chemical concern BASF will cut 2,600 jobs globally. About two-thirds of them will be in Germany, the company reported, quoted by the world media. In 2022, BASF announced an austerity program due to the sharp rise in energy costs in Europe and the economic slowdown, Handelsblatt writes. The company plans to save […]

BASF develops a nitrification inhibitor that improves the harvest

BASF develops a nitrification inhibitor that improves the harvest, also minimizes the environmental impact, reducing losses due to nitrogen washing by up to 65% and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 45%. Due to the development of the livestock sector in recent years, a considerable volume of slurry and manure is currently generated in Spain. […]

Ludwigshafen: A Tour of the “Ugliest City in Germany”

Dhe Pissbahnhof comparison did hurt Ludwigshafen after all. In the home of the world’s largest chemical company BASF, people are used to boring jokes (What’s the best thing about Ludwigshafen? The bridge to Mannheim!) and abuse of the cityscape (“Concrete-obsessed bulldozer architecture”). The fact that SWR prefers to shoot its Odenthal crime scene in Baden-Baden, […]

Because hardly anyone wants to donate money to the state

Reichstag in Berlin Anyone who wants can donate money to the state, but hardly anyone wants it. (Photo: IMAGO/serienlicht) Berlin Marlene Engelhorn is a descendant of the BASF company founder Friedrich Engelhorn, will inherit double-digit millions and would like to pay significantly more taxes. With about 60 other millionaires, she is involved in the “taxmenow” […]

Corporate earnings forecasts are changing at record speed

Adidas-Chef Kasper Rorsted, Mercedes-Benz, Fresenius, BASF, RWE Many German companies are currently correcting their forecasts – both upwards and downwards. – (Photo: Fresenius, BASF, dpa) – – – – Düsseldorf On Tuesday, the division of the German economy became apparent within a few minutes. First, wind turbine maker Siemens Gamesa scaled back its revenue and […]

BASF is building the world’s largest wind farm with Vattenfall

Dhe chemical group BASF is building what it says is the world’s largest offshore wind farm together with the Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall. The 140 wind turbines of the “Hollandse Kust Zuid” will be built 25 kilometers off the Dutch coast and are scheduled to go into operation in 2023 with a total output of […]

Tensions with China – These companies face the greatest risks

Düsseldorf Even if it’s cynical: wars and catastrophes are always expressed in cold numbers on the stock exchanges. It was the same after Putin’s attack on Ukraine. The German leading index Dax lost a good 15 percent after the Russian invasion. About three quarters of the losses have now been made up for, probably also […]

Exchange about existential questions – SWR2

Cultural work at BASF began in a time of crisis: the end of the war, inflation, political unrest, all of this prompted the company’s cultural committee to bring people together with concerts from 1921, according to Karin Heyl, Head of Social Engagement at the chemical company. eventful past The aim was to offer consolation, because […]

How Charlotte becomes a headquarters of the German economy

Charlotte It’s a home like so many in this upscale residential area of ​​Charlotte. It is one and a half stories high, made of light-colored natural stone, and the blue front door is adorned with a wreath of autumnal flowers. And yet each of the guests on this Monday evening knows that they are right […]