“Giza Education” Announces November Exam Schedules for Transportation Classes

The Directorate of Education and Technical Education in Giza Governorate announced the tables Exams November for the transfer phases (primary – preparatory – secondary). According to the exam calendar, the students of the fourth and fifth grades of primary school will take the Arabic language and religious education exam on Sunday 4/12, and the science […]

Exams begin at the UNED in Cádiz

The more than three thousand students of the UNED Center in Cádiz begin their exams today, Monday, May 23, in a series of tests that will end on June 10. The system, according to reports from the university center itself, allows students to choose between attending their subjects in the first or second week, which […]

this is how the crafty ones clog the system

True, there is a lack of human resources that materially work there. It’s true, with Covid things got worse. It is equally true that the shifts have become exhausting and that hardly anyone among the new “recruits” accepts a place in the emergency departments of hospitals anymore. But is it really just for this reason […]

Examinations and competitions in Hautes-Pyrénées

Organization of exams Examinations and competitions are managed by the Rectorate of Toulouse for the 8 departments of the academy. – Withdrawal – request for a copy of the diploma The original diplomas are to be collected from the establishment where the pupil was registered at the time of the exam. A duplicate of the […]

Bepc exam fraud cases: Beware of amalgamations!

On Monday July 12, a special jury began processing the alleged cases of cheating or fraud, identified during the composition of the Bepc, session 2021, mid-June. We still have to wait to see the outcome of the many complaints after the announcement of the results on July 6. Until then, a question haunts the teachers. […]

Covid-19. Worried about their health, students block partial exams – Universities

Créteil (Val-de-Marne), Monday May 3. As tensions between pro and anti-blockers increased, the decision was made to postpone all scheduled exams to law school. They were hundreds, this Monday, May 3, at the University of Paris-Est Créteil for their law exams, finally postponed. In Val-d’Oise and Essonne, there are also many who want to focus […]

Final attestation in grades 4 and 9 canceled in Ukraine

Photo: Correspondent.net Pupils in grades 4 and 9 are exempted from passing the GIA this year – – Students who have been exempted from the GIA will have the entry “exempted” on their educational record. The Ministry of Education and Science exempted students in grades 4 and 9 from passing the state final certification (GIA) […]