The Governor of the Commission surprised him with the answer! • Journal of the Observatory

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The governor of the General Authority for Military Industries, “Engineer Ahmed Al-Ohali”, answered a question to the presenter, Abdullah Al-Mudaifer, stating, “There is cooperation between the Kingdom and China in military industries?” . Al-Ohali said, during his time as host of the “In the Picture” program, on the nature of the relationship between […]

Mulet is asking for 639,200 euros to cancel the loans from the swamp

Compromís Senator Carles Mulet presented an amendment to the General State Budget (PGE) in which he asks for 639,200 euros to cancel both the debts and the interest derived from the credits of the floods which in October 1982 brought down the de Tous dam, and that the Official Credit Institute (ICO) continues to claim, […]

he has already cured two people with kicks

Everything is yummy. Now that it is clear that Bangladesh and India support us Now we can add 1.550 million fans to our fans. La Cámpora is already working on these data and he applied for a couple of positions in New DelhiThey may be receptionists for a dentist for now, but they were promised […]

Asaja asks to be able to burn the remains of the pruning in CyL as others allow…

The agricultural organization Asaja has asked the Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment to publish an ordinance, as in other communities of Castilla y León, which allows the controlled burning of woody and forest crops, establishing for each crop the various pests and illnesses which warrant this benefit . The agricultural organization claims in a […]