Almudena Cid asks a tennis player out on a date after her breakup with Christian Gálvez

Almudena Cid has been one of the names of the heart world lately. Unfortunately, her recent breakup with Christian Gálvez has put her in more spotlight than her four Olympic Games appearances and has given her a hard time.

Now everything is different. She has already overcome it more and more and has rebuilt her life, approaching gymnastics and her family and trying new experiences such as theatre. Each time she recovers more of that vitality that has always characterized her, but of course she is still single.

Almudena Cid strips naked and confesses new details of her personal life

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The theater is now the main occupation of Almudena Cid @almudenacid

In an interview with the newspaper Brand, the former gymnast revealed previously unknown data about her. Used to answering other types of questions, this time she showed herself for what she is. Not surprisingly, her fans tend to underline the sincerity with which she always speaks.

For example, Almudena Cid confessed this Her childhood dream was to be a supermarket cashier. or that he was terrible at math in school. As for his school years, he also acknowledged his once cheated in exams: “It also made me blush, you could tell I was copying just because of my skin color”.

After leaving behind the relationship with Christian Gálvez, now moved on

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Almudena Cid and Christian Gálvez, in happier times together. Instagram

There were no posters in his room, but there were a photo of Fernando Martín in a bathing suit. “My mother was an absolute fan”, to justify. She wasn’t too fond of amulets either, but she admits that she wore them because people gave them to her, more to make them feel safe than for herself.

Almudena Cid also thrives in the kitchen. Its main dishes are potato omelette with honey and peppers stuffed with Iberian ham. She likes Japan very much and on a desert island she would bring a book and, if she could, a subscription to Filmin. His greatest concern as prime minister would be to promote culture and sporthis two passions.

Almudena Cid makes an appointment… with Novak Djokovic!

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Almudena Cid would like to date Novak Djokovic PE

Above the rest of the replies, there is one that has garnered a lot of attention from her fans. They asked him about an athlete with whom he would go to drink beers and he chose Novak Djokovic, “why is it buzzed”. A surprising choice at least.

Despite having great Spanish athletes, it is Nole who fascinates Almudena Cid. It would only be an informal date with friends, given that the Serbian has been married since 2014 and his relationship with Jelena for now does not seem to be in danger as it was that of the former gymnast with Christian Gálvez. In any case, surely two athletes with such vitality would have a lot of fun together.

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