Watch the video.. Trio Night Concert in the Riyadh season

At the end of 2022, Saudi Arabia celebrated the Trio Night concert, which was held at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater, as part of the concerts Riyadh seasonIt hosted thirteen artists, led by Maestro Amir Abdel Majeed, Maestro Hani Farhat and Maestro Medhat Khamis. The lady monitored her events on video. The concert began with […]

Elissa responds to a statement and heads to the judiciary!

After announcing the termination of his contract with ‘Watri’ company. Due to “the company’s data subject’s failure to rectify the infringement on its song ‘Me and Bass.’Actress Elisa responded to a statement released by the company. Elissa’s statement, released by her attorney, Marc Habaka, stated the following: In accordance with the “Aqueous Shore SAL” company […]

Shatha Hassoun What a nasty insult from Elisa!

Date 29/11/2022 19:14:59 (MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) Singer Shatha Hassoun revealed that there was a situation of singer Elisa that occurred between them in a restaurant interview in Beirut two months ago, which caused a dispute between them, and she said: It is shameful that what have you done with me and how he shouted in front […]