Wedding at first sight: Radek is satisfied, Simona gives the relationship a chance

“I’m sick of my nerves,” admitted Simona, the waiting bride, (29). She waited for the ceremony for several hours due to the rain, and finally the ceremony moved inside. “I hope he likes me and when he sees me, he’ll say – yeah, that’s her,” she dreamed. At first glance, Radek’s bride (32) certainly did […]

Tomb Raider Reloaded returns Lara Croft to her roots

Square Enix has released a trailer for a new adventure by renowned archaeologist Lary Croft. Tomb Raider Reloaded is a free arcade action that will be released on mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android over the next year. The game is run by a Canadian studio Emerald City Games – These are mobile […]

Sony about the future of the PS5 and the games that define the generation

When you launch a new generation of consoles, you plan to support it for several more years. SIE CEO Jim Ryan sees the samewho talked about the future of their new console. He did so during an interview with the British magazine GQ, where he also mentioned PS Plus and PlayStation Now. Source: SonyThe head […]

The wedding at first sight, part four: Petra cried, she didn’t like René

Petra to the experiment Wedding at a glance she signed up at the request of her niece, who was watching him while he was running on Slovak television. But already at the altar, he seemed to regret his decision. As she admitted right after the ceremony, she imagined her groom differently. The latest episode now […]

Sony will release at least four major games in 2021

We will have to wait for the exact dates of all these games. Sony does not want to promise and then be forced to postpone any title. Meanwhile, marketing manager Eric Lempel confirmed Enormous interest in the PlayStation 5. He said the demand for the PS5 was unprecedented, and their goal was to make the […]