local by-elections; UDF wins 9 seats – Kerala Local By poll

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The UDF made enormous progress in local by-elections by winning 9 seats and retaining 6 seats. 7 seats were captured by LDF and 2 seats by BJP. The competition was for a total of 29 places. The Congress with 6 seats doubled its tally to 12, while the Muslim League with one seat […]

Delhi Verdict on Ordinance – Governor Arif Mohammad Khan | Pinarayi Vijayan

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The cabinet meeting approved the order to remove the governor from the post of chancellor of all 14 universities in the state. It was also agreed that, regardless of whether the governor signs the ordinance or not, a replacement bill will be presented in the assembly session starting December 5. Governor Arif Muhammad […]

Suspected of committing suicide after killing his children – Malappuram Murder

Kottaikkal (Malappuram) ∙ 2 daughters found dead and mother hanged. The deceased have been identified as Safwa (26), wife of Nankunath Rashid Ali, Kozhichena Chettiankinar, and children Marseeha Fatima (4) and Maryam (1). The incident took place yesterday morning at her husband’s home. Police say: Rashid Ali, Umm, wife and children live together. Rashid Ali’s […]

Sharon Raj Murder Case will be investigated by the Kerala police themselves

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala police will continue to investigate the case of the murder of Parashala Sharon. The legal advice given by the government defendant is that there is no legal impediment to investigating Kerala or Tamil Nadu. Sharon’s parents reached the Prime Minister’s office and petitioned that the case not be transferred to Tamil Nadu. Sharon’s […]

5 people including the gold smuggler and those who came to extort were arrested by the police – Gold Smuggling | Shutdown Malayalam News, Kerala News | Manorama online

Karipur ∙ Police arrested 5 people including the passenger who arrived at Kozhikode airport with the gold and the gang members who came to steal the gold with the passenger’s knowledge. Natuvil A. Muhammad Anees (19) by Kannur Thalipparam from Dubai, KV Nias (26) from Kannur Dharmadam from Dubai, MV Girish (31) from Kannur Natuvil, […]