For Sale Premier, OPPO Reno6 Brings New Standards of Videography with Advanced AI Camera, Jakarta It is undeniable that technological advances have set new standards in the world of videography. Yes, the role of AI-powered camera technology is increasingly being taken into account, to produce cinematic videography that is more compact and practical. Moreover, trends always change from year to year and social media encourages millennials to freely […]

Make Cinematic Bokeh Videos Without a Professional Camera, You Only Need OPPO Reno6 – Social media, which is now growing, does not only function as a means of communication. Furthermore, social media now has many functions such as virtual galleries, digital diaries, and even personal branding. So it’s no wonder that social media users are now competing to create good visual content in the form of photos […]

OPPO Reno6 Pioneer Cinematic Videography Released Today, Get Ready to Be Amazed!

OPPO Reno6 with a premium look, which uses the Diamond Spectrum coloring technique. This is a coloring technique that can project millions of colors when viewed from different angles. The five layers of Diamond Spectrum on the OPPO Reno6 have different roles, including a reflective layer that can produce a rainbow of colors, a fresnel […]