Gyueshevo – no one to clear snow

It is snowing on the way to the Gueshevo border checkpoint, RIA informs. The institution warns drivers to drive with caution on the international road in the section between the checkpoint and the village of Vratsa. A 24 Chasa reporter saw that tonight there was no one to clear the snow that fell on the […]

Lukashenko, USA creates disguised NATO bases in Ukraine – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, SEPTEMBER 27 – The United States is actually creating NATO bases in Ukraine disguised as “training centers”. This was stated by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in a meeting with top security, defense and law enforcement officials. “The issues related to Ukraine require special attention. You can see NATO troops being pulled into […]

Hemophilia: Colombia stands out in the care of patients with hemophilia – Health

The hemophiliaAccording to the hematologist Mauricio Cortés, it is a hereditary bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly, which can cause spontaneous bleeding or after surgery or traumatic injuries. According to Cortés, blood It contains many proteins called clotting factors that help stop bleeding. People with hemophilia have low levels of clotting […]

The dizzying return of Ivayla Bakalova as an undercover agent

Miss Bulgaria 2001 – from a favorite of Iliya Pavlov to a fighter with corruption in court 20 years after Ivayla Bakalova became Miss Bulgaria, she is in the spotlight again, after she visited Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov a few days ago to give him a signal for a crime. Neither she nor the Ministry […]

Bepc exam fraud cases: Beware of amalgamations!

On Monday July 12, a special jury began processing the alleged cases of cheating or fraud, identified during the composition of the Bepc, session 2021, mid-June. We still have to wait to see the outcome of the many complaints after the announcement of the results on July 6. Until then, a question haunts the teachers. […]

Mislata will have specialties care again from Monday

As this newspaper published exclusively last Thursday, the Manises Hospital manager decided to temporarily transfer the outpatient consultations of the Mislata center, during July and August, to the Manisero hospital complex itself and to the Aldaia specialty center, such as residents of the municipality reported and this newspaper was able to confirm through various sources. […]

Alejandro Domínguez: Copa América still stands – International Football – Sports

Alejandro Domínguez, President of Conmebol, said that the realization of the America Cup it is still standing, he told Caracol Radio. America Cup: At no time did the president of Argentina question the Copa América. There is nothing official either. On the contrary, it is a reaffirmation, we work with protocols, with hotels, with migration. […]