Switzerland is running out of chips – Korrespondent.net

Switzerland faces a shortage of chips Producers are short of potatoes and will need to import at least 20,000 tons from abroad. Due to constant rains in 2021 and general bad weather in Switzerland, a low potato crop, which led to a shortage of chips, reports The Local. Combined with a 30 percent increase in […]

Trump wall on the border with Mexico began to collapse / GORDON

Damage was visible on the section of the wall between Douglas, Arizona and the San Bernardino Wildlife Refuge. Record rainfall in Southern Arizona caused flooding. José Manuel Perez Cantu, director of the non-profit organization Cuenca Los Ojos, said six airlock gates of the wall had been washed away at this location. The rains literally tore […]

Lithuania said that Belarusian security forces forced migrants to its territory

By data The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania on August 17, on the border with Belarus this year, Lithuanian border guards detained 4124 migrants. Most of them are Iraqis, there are also citizens of Congo, Cameroon, Syria, Iran. Illegal migrants are accommodated in Lithuania in the tent camp. The Lithuanian Defense Ministry stated that […]

Belarus strengthens border security with Ukraine / GORDON

Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself the President of Belarus, said on July 2 that instructed the border troops to completely close the border with Ukraine… He said that “a huge amount of weapons” are coming to the country from Ukraine. The State Border Service of Ukraine said that have not received official notifications from Belarusthat […]

One of the most active volcanoes in the world began to erupt in the Congo / GORDON

The volcano is located a few kilometers from the Rubavu district in Rwanda, and it last erupted in January 2002, local newspaper The New Times (Rwanda) wrote on Twitter. WATCH: Nyiragongo volcano in Eastern DR Congo erupts. The volcano, situated a few kilometres from #Rwanda‘s Rubavu town, last erupted in January 2002. pic.twitter.com/uuEry4hmrI — The […]

The Pentagon commented on the dispatch of warships to the Black Sea / GORDON

“We regularly organize operations in the Black Sea. We recently sent ships there. This is nothing new,” Kirby said. He noted that the United States uses its aviation and navy “where international law permits.” At the same time, Kirby did not discuss media reports about the sending of two US Navy ships to the Black […]