One of the most active volcanoes in the world began to erupt in the Congo / GORDON

The volcano is located a few kilometers from the Rubavu district in Rwanda, and it last erupted in January 2002, local newspaper The New Times (Rwanda) wrote on Twitter. WATCH: Nyiragongo volcano in Eastern DR Congo erupts. The volcano, situated a few kilometres from #Rwanda‘s Rubavu town, last erupted in January 2002. — The […]

The Pentagon commented on the dispatch of warships to the Black Sea / GORDON

“We regularly organize operations in the Black Sea. We recently sent ships there. This is nothing new,” Kirby said. He noted that the United States uses its aviation and navy “where international law permits.” At the same time, Kirby did not discuss media reports about the sending of two US Navy ships to the Black […]

The current escalation contains a threatening element that we have not seen before – Kuleba on the actions of the Russian Federation

Kuleba informed Le Drian about the actions of the Russian Federation aimed at destabilizing the security situation in the temporarily occupied territories. The Foreign Minister also drew attention to the strengthening of Russian propaganda, which threatens Ukraine with war. “The current escalation contains a threatening element that we have not seen before. We are talking […]

Russian troop gathering on Ukrainian border is more serious than a show of force – the Guardian

The publication writes that Western analysts are concerned about the scale of the process against the backdrop of growing tensions between Moscow and Washington. The publication quoted a senior analyst at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Nigel Gould-Davis, who expressed concern about the accumulation of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine. According to […]