Belarusian services cut barbed wire to help migrants break through to Poland. Video

“On January 11, 68 people tried to illegally cross the Polish-Belarusian border. Groups of 18 and 15 people illegally crossed the border in the border security zone in Melnik,” the report says. It is noted that in Dubichi Tserkovny and Lipsk, Belarusian services shone with a laser and damaged the barbed wire. The Polish Border […]

Lithuania sent largest group of illegal immigrants to Iraq

Photo: Lithuania takes tough measures to overcome the migration crisis All migrants who agreed to voluntarily return to their homeland were paid 1,000 euros. A group of illegal migrants from Iraq, consisting of almost 100 people who voluntarily agreed to return to their homeland, flew on Sunday from Vilnius International Airport to Baghdad. It […]

SBU detained “saboteurs” who coordinated the movement of a crowd of migrants from Belarus

“The security forces have worked out algorithms for joint actions in case of possible attempts to” break through “illegal immigrants. To identify and fix the relevant offenses, the participants in the training operation used the latest technical means, including unmanned aerial vehicles,” the message says. It is noted that during the exercise, the SBU special […]

On November 30, Iraq will perform the last flight to take out its citizens from Belarus

According to him, already “more than 1.8 thousand Iraqi citizens stuck on the Polish-Belarusian border have been evacuated.” Jahanker noted that “on Tuesday, the last flight will take place to evacuate those stuck at the border. [иракцев]who want to voluntarily return “to the country. The export of Iraqi migrants from Belarus is carried out at […]

The migrant flew to the USA in the landing gear

Photo: Still from video The man spent about three hours in flight After arriving in Miami, the unusual passenger was detained by border guards. Previously, he was not injured. A Guatemalan flew to the American city of Miami, hiding in the landing gear compartment of a Boeing 737-800. The flight lasted for about three hours. […]

In Austria, revealed a large-scale scheme for the transfer of migrants

Photo: Out of hundreds of migrants, about a third have applied for asylum in Austria Drivers were hired in Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, offering them a monthly salary of up to 3,000 euros. The Austrian police uncovered a network of smugglers who smuggled over 700 illegal migrants into the country. Most of them continued […]

Belarusian border guards found corpse of migrant on border with Lithuania

Photo: Illegal migrants on the border of Belarus and Lithuania The Lithuanian security forces threw the body of the beaten refugee in a sleeping bag, they say in Belarus. The body of an illegal migrant was found on the border of Belarus and Lithuania. This was announced by the State Border Committee of Belarus […]

EU to allocate € 3.5 million to send migrants home

Photo: Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen The community will finance the voluntary return of illegal immigrants from Belarus to their countries of origin. The European Union has agreed on the allocation of about 3.5 million euros to help migrants who wish to return to their home countries from Belarus. About […]