Florian Lindenau is athlete of the year

July 6, 2021 at 5:58 pm Athletes election 2020 : Florian Lindenau is athlete of the year 2020 Winner Florian Lindenau is happy about his first place, which he hadn’t thought possible. His best friend Sabine (right) congratulates him on the announcement on the sun terrace at Elfrather Mühle. Photo: Jochmann Krefeld Handball goalkeeper Florian […]

Promotion to the handball Bundesliga? TuS N-Lübbecke against Ferndorf

Can Lübbecke’s vice world champion Marko Bagaric celebrate his return to the Bundesliga in the last game? Oliver Krato Luebbecke. Is TuS N-Lübbecke actually running out of breath on the last meters of a grueling Corona season? Will you lose your promotion to the handball Bundesliga? With optimism, but not without a certain residual uncertainty, […]

Turkey and almost a tragedy in a celebration

At the Turkish Kocaelispor it was all happiness. The team from that country achieved promotion to the Second Division and celebrated it in a convertible bus, something normal in that land and also that we have seen here. The problem was that during the celebration the bus went under the bridge and two players were […]

Marín: ‘We have to go back because football is entertainment’

Javier “Pipo” Marín, President of Acassuso and of the Primera B table, spoke with Mundo Ascenso on AM 910 Radio La Red about what football is for society, the isologist of the category and the streaming transmissions that owns the divisional. If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here https://chirb.it/tePcvm Check this […]

Mortgages: Rates Rise Slightly

Lately, we have counted the “news” indicating that mortgage interest rates are starting to rise. The information is correct, but as far as our Purchasing Masters are concerned, this increase remains very modest. It is only since the end of April that the rates started to rise again. Compared to the start of the year, […]

China stops expeditions to Everest due to the transmission of the coronavirus from Nepal

PHOTO: pixabay China has canceled expeditions to climb Mount Everest on its Chinese side due to concerns that KOVID-19 will not be imported from neighboring Nepal, the Associated Press reported, quoted by BTA. The closure of the route was confirmed last night by the Chinese General Sports Administration, Xinhua news agency reported. The decision reflects […]

Versus / At the start of the seventh date, San Lorenzo and Santaní tied

Equality in the university city. At the start of the seventh chapter of the Intermediate Division, Sportivo San Lorenzo wasted the home and also wasted the great chance to put pressure on the other teams above. José Ayala was in charge of opening the scoring for the visiting credit, while Jesús Amarilla converted for the […]

NEW CHICAGO | Summoned and medical part of El Torito

These are the players summoned and the medical report by coach Rubén Darío Forestello to visit Belgrano this Sunday at 17:10 with the refereeing by Nazareno Arasa, the meeting will be televised on Direc TV. This is the medical part of El Torito: – Alan Lorenzo, evolving favorably from the knee sprain. Approximately 10 more […]