Coronavirus in Navarra, last minute: the week closes with a new rise in cases

Navarra maintains throughout the month of October a slight rise in the Covid-19 infections, after closing a new week on the rise with 34% more cases. The pandemic is still under control, at least for the moment, and this increase in positives does not concern the health authorities, who had already planned it after the end of the restrictions and who insist on maintaining precautionary measures such as the use of the face mask.

Yesterday Sunday October 24 Navarra reported 26 new positives, according to still provisional data from the Department of Health. They are 7 less than Saturday, and they are also below 38 of 7 days ago, although above 18 of 14 days ago.

Currently, 24 people remain hospitalized for this disease, 8 of them in intensive care. The numbers have worsened this week, as the previous one closed with 5 people in critics. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, the beds occupied by covid patients in Navarre hospitals are at minimum levels, only 1.23%, while in ICU positions the occupation is 5.08%.

Pamplona registered 12 infections, 3 of them in Azpilagaña, two in Txantrea, Iturrama and Mendillorri. Estella-Lizarra He added 3, Burlada 2, and Ansoáin, Cárcar, Leitza, Lodosa, Marcilla, Sartaguda, Bera and Lorca only one.

PLUS THIRD DOSE AND FLU VACCINE The Department of Health will begin today to administer the third dose of the vaccine to people over 70 years of age, while continuing with those considered very high risk and users of nursing homes. The peculiarity, in addition to starting with the age ranges, is that those vaccinated today with the third dose against covid-19 will receive the flu vaccine at the same time.

100% of Navarrese people over 70 years of age have been vaccinated with the full course of the covid vaccine, which will now receive the booster dose.

Vaccination will be carried out mainly in health centers, with support for certain situations from the vaccination point located in Forem.

TOMORROW IT IS DECIDED ON THE SECOND DOSE OF JANSSEN On the other hand, the second dose to people vaccinated with Janssen, 23,782 in Navarra, is closer. The Vaccine Conference, made up of experts, will propose to the Public Health Commission that a booster dose of Pfizer or Moderna be inoculated to the nearly two million people who received the Janssen single-dose serum throughout the state.

The forecast is for Public Health to give the go-ahead tomorrow so, if it goes ahead, Navarra will start planning appointments at that very moment. The Department of Health of the Government of Navarra plans to start with older people and provided that at least three months have elapsed since the vaccination with Janssen.



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