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New Chicago beat “Black” 1-0 with a goal from Paul Charpentier. Viñas fired a For Ever player who played from 20 minutes with 10 for Romero’s expulsion. Next Saturday Cravero’s team will receive Maipú de Mendoza.

Nueva Chicago looked for the match at the beginning of the game, but after Viñas expelled Romero, For Ever began to pick up and with associations they generated more danger in that first half, although it was not enough to go ahead. In the complement, the “Torito” went to look for him and with a lot of push he cornered For Ever and with a stopped ball, with Charpentier defining, he achieved the only goal of the afternoon for the victory of the local, at the close the visit looked for him but could not generate danger to Bottini. The next date, the Cravero team will host Deportivo Maipú at the Juan Alberto García.


The start of the game was for Nueva Chicago, which, forced by its present and by the push of its people, went to look for the game. He advanced his lines and with José Luis Fernández as driver he went to look for him, Charpentier was very mobile and Tomás González very protagonist, but despite his intentions he lacked ideas to hurt Canuto who did not have a job in the first half.

For Ever began taking care of himself, but as the minutes went by, he perked up a little more and approached danger, Allende had it and later with Garnerone he was able to take the lead, but it was not effective.

The expulsion of Romero made the visit more associated, try to get from below and the triangulations between Gaggi, Garnerone and Lucero made the Chaco team much clearer than the local team that could not find ways to generate goal situations.

The first half went with a leading For Ever and with more chances to get ahead but they went into the break tied at 0.

In the complement, Nueva Chicago came out with more impetus and with the passing of the minutes For Ever went further back. The local went ahead, searched without too many ideas, but with many people it seemed to be closer to the goal.

Little by little, For Ever was losing freshness and backlashes were less frequent. So Grelak’s team got bigger and attacked with more people. The goal came at minute 22, after a corner that found Tomás González’s header and bounced off Alarcón, the ball drifted to Charpentier who pushed for the local goal.

For Ever sold his defeat dearly, he went to look for him, with a lot of drive and with a stopped ball he went to look for him to equalize. But Chicago ended up with the victory and gave the team from Chaco its second consecutive defeat.

The team from Chaco will seek to recover against Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza, next Saturday at the Juan Alberto García.
Alan Radzanowicz

NEW CHICAGO 1: August Bottini; Alan Lawrence, Augustin Lamosa, David Achucarro and Rodrigo Ayala; Brian War, Franco Bustamante, Leonel Alvarez and Jose Luis Fernandez; Thomas Gonzalez and Paul Charpentier. DT: Alfredo Grelak.

FOR EVER 0: Gaston Canuto; Lucas Fernández, David Valdez, Yair Marín and Leandro Allende; Enzo Gaggi, Gonzalo Alarcón, Álvaro Neck and Gonzalo Lucero; Martin Garnerone and Matias Romero. DT: Daniel Cravero.

Referee: Nahuel Viñas. Assistants: Hugo Páez and Roque Narváez. Fourth referee: Gastón Monsón Brizuela. Stadium: República de Mataderos, from Nueva Chicago.
Gol: 22ST Paul Charpentier (NC)
Incidents: Expelled 19PT Matías Romero (FE).
Substitutions: 16ST Luciano Gimenez for Martin Garnerone (FE) 16STRoberto Correa for Jose Luis Fernandez (NC) 16ST Agustin Maziero for Brian Guerra (NC), 19ST Gaspar Triverio for Gonzalo Lucero (FE), 27ST Enzo Bruno for Gonzalo Alarcón (FE), 27ST Nicholas Trecco by Enzo Gaggi (FE), 37ST Franco Caceres by Paul Charpentier (NC), 45ST Franco Lawrence by Tom Gonzalez (NC).

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