Navarra did not inoculate vaccines on the holidays of January 1 and 6

Navarra has not inoculated vaccines against covid-19 on the two January holidays, nor on January 1, New Year’s Day, nor on January 6, the day of the Three Kings. This is a circumstance that has not occurred since February 13, a day in which no dose was given, since on December 25, Christmas Day, 73 […]

Doubts about the vaccine in children under 12 years of age?

conseguir to resume that “normality” that, despite what we complained about, now we see that it was not so bad, it is taking too long. Perhaps this circumstance is the key to understanding the feelings of tension, irascibility and indignation of the society in general and mine in particular. I am a teacher by profession […]

If a minor is positive, he waits four weeks to be vaccinated

pamplona – In the midst of the pediatric vaccination campaign, which is marching with a percentage of first doses supplied in Navarra of 27.7% among minors between 5 and 11 years of age, those responsible for Pediatrics are also observing a high incidence of infections among minors of this age range. Therefore, specialists recommend that […]

To Paco Roda – Newspaper of Navarra

In his letter on December 6 in DIARIO DE NOTICIAS he stated “… the old site of an Artillery barracks …”. I request your permission to make a clarification: the Bastion and the attached plaza occupy the place where the América 6.6 Infantry regiment was located. If I knew him well that in 1967 I […]

This helps to combat children’s fear of needles during vaccination

More than 3.3 million children Spaniards of between 5 and 11 years have started get vaccinated against covid-19 this week, but many of them must face the trypanophobia: the needles panic, something against which pediatric professionals must grapple with trust and distraction techniques. The experience of the first punctures is recorded in the children’s emotional […]

Health points out that the infantile vaccine reduce the confinements of classes

Last Wednesday it started the vaccination of minors between 5 and 11 years of age in Navarra, a process that will immunize the only population group not vaccinated so far and that presents an overwhelming incidence, with more than 2,400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days. But in addition to cutting transmission, childhood vaccination […]