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NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin’s Encounter with Possible Alien Life and UFOs in Space

The incident described by Leland Melvin, a NASA engineer and former astronaut, went viral years later. Melvin is known in the scientific world for making two flights with the space shuttle Atlantis. Melvin visited the International Space Station and spent a total of 565 hours in space.

Astronaut Melvin was asked about his views on alien life in the solar system and UFOs.

An account called “UFO News” on the social media platform X asked the astronaut what he thought about whether humanity was alone in the solar system and whether he had witnessed a UFO.

From account to astronautHello @Astro_Flow what is your opinion on the existence of intelligent alien life living in our solar system? Have you ever witnessed a UFO? Please share with us. Thank you SCW” The question was asked:


Melvin’s opinion on the matter was that he had not seen an alien, but he did once see an organic-alien-like thing floating out of the payload bay.

He admitted that he called Earth to ask what it might be and was told that what he saw was not an extraterrestrial life form but ice breaking off from Freon hoses.

Astronaut,”I didn’t see it in space or on the ground, but I thought I saw something organic/alien-like coming out of the payload bay. @AstroKomrade and I called the place to ask what it could be and it was ice breaking from the Freon hoses. Translucent, curved, organic looking” he replied.


This time the account says, “Thanks for responding. Wow! I guess ethics would say that your opinion of organic is more reliable than the opinion of someone 400 miles away in ground control. Is it possible that they lied and called it ice to calm you down and keep you focused on the shuttle?” asked.

The astronaut said, ““I don’t think so, but you never know.” he said.

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