Scientists find the Martian version of “Semeru”, beneath the surface

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia — Mars aka presumably still volcanically active has volcano. This could be an indication of the existence of life on the Red Planet. One of the big differences between Mars and Earth is what happens underground. Our planet remains tectonically and volcanically active. The proof is a series of earthquakes in Cianjur, […]

US is open on UFO investigations, here are the results

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Senior US military officials say the Pentagon’s new push to investigate UFO reports has so far produced no evidence to suggest aliens have visited Earth or landed here. However, the Pentagon’s efforts to investigate strange and unidentified objects, in space, in the sky or under water, have resulted in hundreds of […]

Somalia meteorite has unknown ‘alien’ minerals

Last Monday, December 5, it was announced by University of Alberta scientists, Canada, a major discovery: two new minerals in a 15-ton meteorite — found in Somalia. This is the first time that the solid bodies mentioned have been detected in nature. Named as elalite And instantiatedthey are tributes, in the first place, to the […]

Scientists propose to build vehicles to prevent foreign bodies from approaching the Earth

Wednesday 23 November 2022 – 12.03pm WIB Techno live – Tim scientist have proposed building an ‘interstellar interceptor’, a airplane spacecraft capable of approaching the next asteroid or comet to enter the solar system. So far, astronomers have seen two such objects hurtling through our star system: the cigar-shaped Interstellar Visitor.Oumuamuawhich was first seen in […]

“Among them is a naked Russian woman who knocked on the door of a preacher’s room in a hotel.” Bin Bakheet tells a series of strange stories that preachers have been promoting in the Kingdom for the past 40 years

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Writer Abdullah bin Bakheet said: People in the Kingdom have begun to receive lessons at the hands of our esteemed preachers in mosques, schools, retirement homes, cemeteries, on screens and tapes, and in summer camps . A large crowd of teachers supported them by implanting these lessons in the students’ heads in parallel […]

The isometric game Aliens Aliens: Dark Descent | News block

An isometric strategy game co-developed by Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment, the Aliens: Dark Descent finally showed up as we moved, we got a little taste of the game at the recent Disney & Marvel Games Showcase event.- – The Alienes program promises to be a huge single player experience, in his team shooter, you […]

Recognizing the Fermi paradox Questioning the existence of aliens Absolutely everyone – Fermi paradox refers to the dichotomy involving the large probability that extraterrestrial everyday living exists, but the fact that human beings have no evidence still. Numerous professionals are grappling with the exact concern. If extraterrestrial lifestyle exists, why never humans have the indicators nonetheless? Figure out the Fermi paradox Reported by Are living […]

Figure out the Fermi paradox by questioning the existence of aliens – Fermi paradox refers to the dichotomy concerning the significant chance that extraterrestrial lifetime exists, but the simple fact that humans have no evidence nonetheless. Quite a few industry experts are grappling with the same question. If extraterrestrial life exists, why don’t human beings have the indicators still? Acknowledge the Fermi paradox Documented by […]