Exhausted with desk job: Former jihadis also quit Taliban government.

LaThe latest report by the non-governmental research organization Afghan Analysis Network reveals that former jihadists are resigning from the Afghan government, the Taliban government. Sabaoon Sameem, a researcher at the Afghan Analysis Network, said five Taliban fighters he interviewed said former jihadists were resigning from the Taliban government. Sabaoon Sameem interviewed a commander, a sniper, […]

A citizen holds a farewell party for his Afghan sponsor • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Ekhbariya TV showed a report about the story of a citizen who held a farewell party for his Afghan sponsor, where the Al-Jarbou family bid farewell to their Afghan resident, Maqbool, in Buraidah. The Afghan worker, called Maqbool, said: “Praise be to God, there is a job. He is 45 years old and […]

Taliban condemns Prince Harry’s stance on killing Afghans

A senior Taliban official slammed Prince Harry on Friday after he revealed he killed 25 people during his military missions in Afghanistan, saying it was like removing “chess pieces” from the chessboard. Anas Haqqani, a senior Taliban official, criticized the Duke of Sussex for these statements, saying those whom Harry killed were Afghans with families. […]

1 yr of Taliban deal, contentment and suffering | 15 Aug 65

1 12 months of the Taliban deal, joy and suffering unfold . A yr in the past, August 15 was the day the Taliban invaded Kabul. The capital of Afghanistan by establishing itself as a new governing administration promises a greater long run But at the similar time it imposes several social limits that deprive […]

Rumors of Afgan Marriage Getting Stronger, Now Circulating Invitation Photos

Jakarta, Insertlive – Singer Afgansyah Reza is currently a hot topic of discussion regarding his wedding plans. This rumor began to emerge after Afgan shared several uploads on social media that invited fans’ question marks. One of the uploads showed Afgan wearing a neat suit with a description that managed to make fans curious. In […]

POINT OF VIEW. “Biden: A portrait cracked by the Afghan disaster”

The disastrous management of withdrawal from afghanistan has not finished haunting Joe Biden. The President of the United States comes out of it very weakened, at home and internationally. For the first time, the majority of Americans disapprove of his action. The discontented outweighed the satisfied from August 19, four days after the fall of […]

An Afghan translator begs Biden for help

– – US President Joe Biden PHOTO: Reuters – A former Afghan translator who was assigned to the US forces and is now blocked in Kabul after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan has called for help from President Joe Biden. This was reported by AFP, citing the Wall Street Journal, BTA reported. It is no […]

A 20-year-old Afghan star was killed – 24chasa.bg

– – – The 20-year-old Afghan YouTube star is among the victims of the terrorist attack in front of Kabul International Airport. This was said by colleagues of Naima Sadeki to CNN. At least 170 Afghans were killed in the atrocities as they desperately fled the country. Sadeki was in her final year of study […]

An Afghan woman gave birth on board an American plane

– – American military plane at Kabul airport. The photo is illustrative. PHOTO: Reuters – An Afghan woman gave birth on board the American military transport plane S-17, which evacuated people from Afghanistan to the American air base Rammstein in Germany, the Associated Press reported, quoted by BTA. The mother felt unwell during the flight […]