Mr Lukashenko met with detained oppositionists

“There he spoke for four and a half hours with the said representatives, who were in the remand center. The president’s goal is to hear all the views,” the channel said. “The content of the conversation was kept secret by the participants by a joint decision.” The channel only quotes Lukashenko as saying that “you […]

‘Rimi’ Riga marathon takes place virtually

Pursuant to the government’s decision, the 30th “Rimi” Riga Marathon will take place virtually for the first time in its history, its organizers inform. Participants will run their chosen distances anywhere in Latvia and the world, automatically recording the results on the virtual running platform of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon with the help of smart […]

Honda has updated the unusual pickup Ridgeline

The Ridgeline is a completely different vehicle from other mid-size pickups in the US market. It has no frame, a 3.5-liter V6 engine (284 hp) mounted sideways, the i-VTM4 all-wheel drive features rear side clutches and an independent suspension. After restyling, the Ridgeline retained all this unchanged, only the track expanded by 20 mm. But […]

High-class climber duel: Ramlingen and Göttingen share the points

When SVG striker Ali Ismail suddenly appeared free in front of the Ramlinger Tor after a counterattack in the third minute of stoppage time in the high-class Oberliga top match between SV Ramlingen / Ehlerhausen and championship leaders SVG Göttingen, the RSE attachment caught their breath. Could the equalizing goal from Utku Kani, which was […]

Trump praises the lk with whom he defeated the covid. At the same time, Ltka was created with a significant cell of abortion, the president refuses Svt

WASHINGTON/PRAHA US President Donald Trump promises emv pocket lk to covid-19. This is an experimental counteract therapy developed by Regeneron. So far, the therapy has not been approved for uvn amkn access only from the circle of people. The president wants to take her bag free of charge. Paradoxically, Regeneron has chosen the drugs that […]

12 List of Foods to Avoid for Patients with Gout

TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Some people suffer disease uric acid. For that it is necessary to keep the body so that the rate uric acid stay in control. That is one of them by avoiding certain foods so that the rate uric acid does not rise sharply. Gout or disease uric acid is a painful form of […]