Mr Lukashenko met with detained oppositionists

“There he spoke for four and a half hours with the said representatives, who were in the remand center. The president’s goal is to hear all the views,” the channel said.

“The content of the conversation was kept secret by the participants by a joint decision.”

The channel only quotes Lukashenko as saying that “you will not write a constitution on the streets”.

Judging by a photo posted on the channel, the meeting was attended by former presidential candidate Viktor Babariko and his son Eduard, a member of the Coordinating Council Lily Vlasova, Babariko’s staff coordinator Yuri Voskresensky.

Protests against the rigging of the presidential election have been reported in Belarus for two months now. Several thousand people have been detained and several hundred injured during the protests.

According to the official results of the presidential election in Belarus on August 9, the current head of state Lukashenko won 80.1% of the vote, and opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska – 10.1%, but the opposition believes that the election results are fake and Tikhanovsky won the election convincingly.

The EU and other Western countries have also refused to recognize the election results.

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