‘Rimi’ Riga marathon takes place virtually

Pursuant to the government’s decision, the 30th “Rimi” Riga Marathon will take place virtually for the first time in its history, its organizers inform. Participants will run their chosen distances anywhere in Latvia and the world, automatically recording the results on the virtual running platform of the “Rimi” Riga Marathon with the help of smart devices.

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The representatives of the organizers also point out that those who do not want to register on the virtual platform, the organizers will invite them to run their favorite route without recording the results. All registered participants of “Rimi” Riga Marathon will be informed about the receipt of the official Olympic medal designer medals at the beginning of next week.

“Respecting the government’s decision, the” Rimi “Riga Marathon will take place virtually in its anniversary year. The virtual running club has successfully gathered more than 15,000 running fans since the summer and is one of the most advanced virtual running tools in the world. to move, type, run and beat the vacuum with a lively spirit, which will now enter the field of folk sports events, “comments Aigars Nords, director of the Rimi Riga Marathon.

Those participants who want to record the time and result are invited to register in the “Rimi” Riga Marathon Running Club and cover the distance of the Family Race, 5.5, 10, 21 kilometers and 42 kilometers this weekend. You can run both days on October 10 and 11. You can register for the virtual marathon in the running club: http://rimirigamarathon.com/lv/virtualais-rimi-rigas-maratons-2020/

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All registered participants of “Rimi” Riga Marathon, regardless of whether they ran on a virtual platform with results recording or also – without results recording, will be able to apply for official medals at the beginning of next week, the event organizers inform.

Registration on the virtual platform is not required for children who had planned to participate in the “Rimi” Riga Marathon Children’s Day small distances – the organizers invite parents to simply spend a beautiful day with their little ones and apply for “Rimi” Riga Marathon medals next week.

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