High-class climber duel: Ramlingen and Göttingen share the points

When SVG striker Ali Ismail suddenly appeared free in front of the Ramlinger Tor after a counterattack in the third minute of stoppage time in the high-class Oberliga top match between SV Ramlingen / Ehlerhausen and championship leaders SVG Göttingen, the RSE attachment caught their breath. Could the equalizing goal from Utku Kani, which was scored 1: 1 (0: 1) for the RSE in the 86th minute, just be wasted? No.

Because the Göttingen substitute managed the feat of placing the play equipment completely free-standing from two meters on the goal post. “The possible 2-1 would have turned the course of the game completely upside down. It was practically the only SVG scoring chance out of the game, while we could have been leading 5-1 up to half-time, “said RSE coach Philipp Gasde, who received a lot of praise for his men despite the lack of effectiveness at the end:” The team played a strong game and tactically implemented everything I expected. Above all, the commitment and will was right. “

Göttingen bulwark holds up for a long time

In front of 130 spectators – more are currently not allowed – the RSE showed a completely different attitude from the start than last time at the game in Wolfsburg. With a high level of commitment, the third in the table, who had changed in several positions (Lasse Neubert, Mitchell Jordan, Can Gödemir, Hüseyin Yüksel on the starting line-up) put pressure on the league leaders in this promoted duel.

It felt like the RSE, who combined well, had about 75 percent possession. However, the guests from the university town showed why they had only conceded one goal in the previous five games: The well-organized defense was a real bulwark – and on the other hand dangerous for the RSE with standards. It was characteristic that defense chief Andre Weide scored the 1-0 (16 th) after a corner out of the blue. The clearly dominant Ramlingers lagged behind the deficit for a long time.

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Kani redeems the RSE

And since Louis Engelbrecht (23rd, 72nd), Can Gökdemir (36th), Timo Gieseking (39th / because a header was not given offside) missed the equalizer, the third defeat in a row for the RSE seemed to be looming. Gasde, however, put everything on one card: for the injured defensive player Gieseking (groin injury after a duel) and midfielder Steffen von Pleß two more attackers came with Utku Kani and Björn Masur. And that finally paid off: After Mitchell Jordan had given up the biggest RSE chance to date (70th) by volleying from 10 meters, Kani scored after Masur’s preliminary work in the 86th minute to make the celebrated 1: 1.

In the turbulent final phase, the game was on a knife edge: Gökdemir had the 2: 1 on the foot for the RSE in the 88th minute, but failed due to the brilliantly reacting SVG keeper Dennis Henze. On the other hand, Ismail missed the winning goal for Göttingen, who are still the only league team to be unbeaten. “A victory would have been too much of a good thing. We are happy with the point, ”said SVG coach Dennis Erkner.

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