20 minutes – «The employees don’t just lose their jobs»

Large sale signs have been received by Manor customers in the past few days. The branch on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse closes forever on Friday. There are gaps on the ground floor, where jewelry otherwise glittered. It is really empty on the upper floors: the men’s department is almost empty. Pallets stand around, the shelves are dismantled, the area is cordoned off. It only has one-off pieces, especially ties, braces and shirts. There is more in the women’s department – especially lingerie.


Will you miss the manor on Bahnhofstrasse?

Manor spokesman Fabian Hildbrand confirms: “Many products are sold out.” The home category was particularly popular with bargain hunters – such as saucepans or duvet covers. “We had a peak month and are very happy with the sales,” says Hildbrand.

“No manor will open in Zurich in 2020”

In the meantime, two thirds of all employees have found a new job – «around half internally». The remaining employees are in the application process or would be reoriented. “Many customers also asked about the staff and expressed their sympathy.”

The closure was nevertheless difficult for the employees to process, as André Ineichen, President of the Personnel Commission, says. “It is not just the job that the employees have lost – it is their life and family cohesion that the employees had here.”

From Saturday onwards, Stadtzürch customers will have to switch to the Letzipark branch or the online shop. The search for an alternative in the city center continues: “No manor will open in Zurich in 2020,” says Hildbrand. First, the entire inventory on Bahnhofstrasse is cleared away in February and the premises are handed over empty.

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This is what customers say about the Manor closure on Bahnhofstrasse.

(Wed / STV)


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