20 minutes – Politicians are concerned about ISIS supporters landing

According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, over 700 foreign ISIS supporters are in Turkish prisons. Turkey is gradually transferring them to their home countries. In November at least seven suspected jihadists were deported to Germany. On Thursday, Erdogan also put suspected Swiss IS supporters on the plane to Zurich for the first time, as SRF reports. They are two men and one woman. According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the “responsible security authorities in Switzerland are aware of this case”. The people who entered were said not to have participated in hostilities in Syria.

Federal Councilor Karin Keller-Sutter (FDP) had always spoken out against the withdrawal of Swiss IS fighters in the media – not least because the conviction and the evidence in Switzerland is more difficult than on the ground.

“The return is unpleasant”

Foreign politicians are surprised at the arrival of the alleged IS supporters. CVP National Councilor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter says to 20 minutes: «The return is unpleasant. But Switzerland has to take back its citizens. »IS supporters are a security risk for Switzerland. “The judiciary poses problems for these precedents. How to deal with IS returnees would have to be coordinated between the western states. Because everyone has the same problem. »She expects the Swiss judiciary to be severely punished. “It is important to protect the population.”

SVP National Councilor Franz Grüter, Vice President of the Foreign Policy Commission, is also alarmed. He says: «The intelligence agency law enforcement agencies must screen the suspects. If they have made themselves punishable, they must be charged and convicted. »

«Certain understanding that Erdogan will remove IS supporters»

One can argue about whether Swiss anti-terrorism legislation is strict enough, says Grüter. But: “The authorities have the means to sue IS supporters.” Grüter has “a certain understanding” that Erdogan is deporting foreign IS supporters: “Switzerland would also remove Turkish IS supporters if possible.”

FDP Council of States member Damian Müller says it is quite possible that Turkey will send more IS supporters to Switzerland. The Swiss authorities are extremely challenged: “You have to make sure that security is guaranteed in Switzerland.” Anyone who supports IS does not recognize the local legal system. «People in the IS camps have been brainwashed and are ready to murder. They are not criminals, but terrorists. ”As a last resort, dealing with them should not be taboo.

Supporting a terrorist organization can be punished with a prison sentence of up to 5 years. The sentence is to be tightened, but the legislative project is stuck in parliament.


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