It will cost dearly. Duda on Orban’s position on Ukraine

Фото: Getty Images Polish President Andrzej Duda – – The Polish leader cannot understand the convictions of the Hungarian prime minister, since Russia’s war against Ukraine is accompanied by human losses, including among the civilian population. Polish President Andrzej Duda said he did not understand the position of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban towards […]

Orban: Fulfillment of Ukraine’s requests will destroy Hungary

Фото: Getty Images Hungary against anti-Russian sanctions – – The introduction of an embargo on Russian energy carriers will stop the Hungarian economy, the prime minister said. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said his country’s economy would stall if Budapest complied with Ukraine’s request for an embargo on Russian energy. He said this on the […]

The largest banks in Japan stop operations with Sberbank of the Russian Federation

Japan joined the sanctions against Sberbank of the Russian Federation – – At the same time, the media write that Japanese banks are likely to look for alternative ways to make payments. For example, transfers through non-US banks. Japan’s three largest banks MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp are halting money transfers […]

The General Staff spoke about the losses of the occupier in Ukraine

Photo: General Staff of the APU Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian forces – – During the month of a full-scale Russian invasion, Ukrainian forces eliminated 16,600 occupiers. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the losses of the Russian army since the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia on March 27. […]

war against Ukraine is Russia’s strategic failure – UNIAN

The US President emphasized that the Russian invasion did not break the Ukrainian resolve to resist, and the West became even more united. photo REUTERS – United States President Joe Biden declares that the war against Ukraine is a strategic failure of Russia. As an UNIAN correspondent reports, the US President said this during his […]

Anonymous released 28 GB of data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Photo: Hackers hacked into the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation – – Among other things, confidential videos and applications used by President Putin have been made public. The group of hackers Anonymous on Friday, March 25, posted in the public domain 28 GB of information from the Central Bank of […]

The deputy of the Communist Party called for war in Europe: the reaction of the OP

Photo: Russian MP Sergei Savostyanov – – The Moscow City Duma deputy said that it is necessary to expand the boundaries of the “military operation” and “denazify” Poland, Moldova, the Baltic countries and Kazakhstan. Russia, apparently, intends to attack a number of European countries on a full scale. Thus, adviser to the head of […]

Russia sends troops to Ukraine from Georgia – The Washington Post

Photo: AP Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008 – – The Pentagon believes that these forces have become the centerpiece of the Kremlin’s plan to continue the ground offensive. Russia is moving troops to Ukraine from Georgia. Writes about it The Washington Post referring to a senior official from the US Department of Defense. “Now […]

The Presidential Office named the countries-guarantors of Ukraine’s security

Photo: Andriy Yermak listed potential security guarantors for Ukraine – – There must be specific working guarantees, because Ukraine already has a negative experience of the Budapest Memorandum, the head of the Presidential Office said. The permanent members of the UN, Turkey, Germany, Canada, Israel and Italy should become security guarantors for Ukraine. About […]