Steinen: “Bloodletting” only by appointment – Steinen

The DRK only asks those who feel healthy and fit to come to donate blood. Donors with cold symptoms (cough, runny nose, hoarseness, increased body temperature) and people who have had contact with a suspected coronavirus case or who have been abroad in the past two weeks will not be allowed to donate blood. You […]

Steinen: Extra demonstrations for the guest workers – Steinen

In addition to the meadow light shows, Milhausen’s daughter and her husband (Erni and Wolfgang Sturm) also ran the bathroom cinema in Hauingen. This house no longer exists today. The inn with a butcher’s and cinema in Unterdorfstrasse had to give way to an apartment building. The Köpfer photo studio has been located where films […]

Argentine President’s car was stoned

Photo: Screenshot from the video President’s car was stoned in Argentina The driver of the special transport quickly got his bearings and drove out of the crowd. Nobody was hurt as a result of the incident. During the trip of Argentine President Alberto Fernandez to the province of Chubut, his motorcade was attacked by a […]

Petra Černocká: She makes a living by selling stones and paintings!

The songs do not pay for themselves and the singer does not want to enter the work process at her age. “I’m not looking for a job outside the field, because I know they wouldn’t take me. These years are not employed. As soon as I showed them the ID, they would say – this […]

Fowler “Dias-Stones Union, Manchester City PL Win Guarantee Check”

▲’Steel Wall Defense’, which has become a new trend in Man City this season ▲ Dias and Stones, which have emerged as the core of Man City defense ▲ England striker Fowler also joins a relay to praise the two players [골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “If it’s a combination of Dias and Stones, Manchester […]