Carmen Laffón Collection in Cajasol

AT the Fundación Cajasol, in the Plaza de San Antonio, the opening of the exhibition ‘Carmen Laffón in the collection of the Fundación Cajasol’ took place. The event was directed by the president of the Fundación Cajasol Antonio Pulido, accompanied by the painter Carmen Laffón, the curator of the exhibition Juan Suárez and the nephew […]

Mari Carmen Zerpa: «Music makes us happier and better people»

«We must provide and promote music from a very early age to contribute to a better formation of the personality, because music makes us more sociable; smarter; more creative; happier; Healthier; more proactive and better people, “said the artist, who ended her time as a teacher just a year ago due to retirement. In his […]

“It is not enough to offer patients a high scientific level”

Humanism, axis of the good doctor. He was born in San Jacinto. A whole life between Seville and Triana. Carmen Delgado Jiménez, specialist in General and Digestive Surgery, has dedicated 26 years to Valme Hospital, where he held the Medical Directorate. Cooperator and member of the NGO Andalusia for a New World. Accredited with the […]

‘Carmen’, the universal genius of Antonio Gades

Julius bravoFOLLOW, CONTINUE Madrid Updated:19/03/2021 00:24h Keep The legacy of Antonio Gades It is one of the great treasures of Spanish dance – and culture – due to the importance of its choreographies for this art. Between them, ‘Carmen‘is undoubtedly the most popular – it has come to appear before a hundred thousand people on the […]

Ariel Rot and Carmen Pars, music in Teruel

teruel – After coinciding in the first season of A country to listen to in Zaragoza, Ariel Rot will meet Carmen Paris again. On this occasion, the renewing jota will act as co-presenter and guide on the trip that both will make through Huesca and Teruel in search of the best music and the best […]

Hispano Suiza Carmen, the 1.5 m electric car arrives in Mexico

Carmen, a hyper-luxury electric car, handmade and with a value of 1.5 million euros (1.7 million dollars) is the bet of the exclusive automotive firm Hispano Suiza to reach the Mexican market and may this be the gateway to conquer the American market, said Sergio Martínez, general director in the country of the Spanish firm. […]