Deniers launch a mailbox campaign in Castelló to boycott covid vaccination

Neighbors of the center of Castellón denounce the start-up of a mailing campaign against covid vaccines. Residents of the around the Ribalta Park have met in recent days with anonymous flyers in their mailboxes in which supposed statistics are wielded that would advise against the vaccination of children from 0 to 17 years old. Capture […]

Sanitat meets with the Romanian community of Castellón to encourage vaccination

For this, this week a meeting with representatives of Public Health, the City Council of the capital, the consulate, religious leaders and influential people of this nationality to insist on the importance of vaccination. 70% of hospital admissions due to covid in Castellón are from people without vaccination Interreligious Table The Castellón health department has […]

The veterans league makes a strong comeback

The veterans league makes a strong comeback APFV The Provincial Championship that organizes the Provincial Veterans Soccer Association of Castellón will start this weekend, specifically the Saturday 18th, with a new season ahead. After being forced to suspend the competition due to covid-19, the ball will roll again through the provincial fields and the participants […]

Castellón airport now has regular flights again

The Castellón airport in the first four months of 2021 it had a total of 2,317 passengers. But none of them came from a regular flight, being interrupted in October, with the end of summer and the rebound in coronavirus cases across Europe. Eight months later the facilities once again host a route, as the […]