Tourism. How the Covid-19 is shaking up vacation plans

“With the curfew measures, it’s even more anxiety-provoking. Customers don’t want to or can’t leave. “ Cyril Cafaro, independent tour operator installed at Rennes, with its agency “La tour y voir”, has never ceased its activity since the start of the health crisis, but travel plans are slowing down. “People can no longer anticipate. Either […]

Travel within Germany: The current Corona rules

At the beginning of October, the federal states had decided on an accommodation ban for holidaymakers from domestic areas with high numbers of corona infections – however, massive criticism followed, and some federal states had already overturned the ban. The proposal was due to be discussed again on October 14, but there was no agreement. […]

How to insure your trip against Corona

Hamburg. The Insurance industry is known to be in Wirtschafts­krisen comparatively mildly to get away with it. That should also be the case this time, especially with the products for corporate customers Risks one pandemic are very often excluded. For private customers of the insurance industry, the effects of the wave of coronavirus infections are […]

WHO warned Russia of new quarantine restrictions due to COVID :: Society :: RBC

According to Vujnovich, this will lead to negative consequences for the economy, mental disorders in citizens, and paralyze the work of the health care system. Melita Vujanovic (Photo: Mikhail Pochuev / TASS) Russia needs to make efforts to avoid repeating the spring restrictions due to the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection. About it […]

Residents of Breskens can go on holiday thanks to Johannes

The other female candidate answered a question the fastest and was allowed to choose: a prize from a golden suitcase or participation in the game show. She opted for the latter option whereby the suitcase and its contents went to Johannes. In the suitcase was a midweek or weekend away and five hundred euros. Johannes […]

Where you can now be tested for free

When returning from vacation abroad, many travelers want to be certain: Have I been infected with Corona? Many airports and border areas in Germany now offer voluntary and free tests. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has one Corona test compulsory for travelers returning decided. Since August 8th, it has been valid for all people […]