Dina El Sherbiny tops the Twitter trend because of the plateau and the nightlife

The artist’s name was published Dina El Sherbiny Twitter trends recently, where many of her fans participated in the hashtag bearing her name, where many expressed their admiration for her and the situation between her and the plateau Amr Diab, one day before the launch of the song “Places of Night”, in which Dina El […]

Abla Kamel: If I quit art, I will say

From time to time, the rumor of the star retiring is a complete abla of artistic life, which happened during the past hours regarding her retirement from art again. “The seventh day”, he communicated with the mighty artist Ahmed Kamal, the father of my daughter, the star Abla Kamel, who confirmed that he knows nothing […]

Brad Pitt wins Jennifer Aniston’s confidence again after 15 years away

Star Brad Pitt seems to have managed to win the heart of Jennifer Aniston again more than ever, as ok magazine However, the Oscar-winning star recently gained the confidence of his ex-wife again after fifteen years of separation. Brad Pitt The report added that Brad Pitt, who is 56 years old and after his separation […]