SBU detained two of its colonels for treason, one of them made a loud statement

Tsaplienko claims that Russian agents are waiting for the “Russian world” in state structures. SBU detained two traitors – journalist / photo from UNIAN Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine today detained two colonels of the special services, one of them is already retired. He writes about this with reference to his own sources […]

They were idols, but they went from love to betrayal

January 31, 2021 – 02:21 Great sports stars broke the fidelity barrier to go on to play for the eternal rival. Can you imagine Messi playing for Real Madrid or Cristiano Ronaldo for Barcelona? That is a difficult picture to see in today’s football. Both are so linked to their present, in the case of […]

Retired US General: Election fraud is a state of emergency in a treasonous country | National Emergency | Thomas McKinney | Air Force Lieutenant General

[Epoch Times December 05, 2020](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zhang Bei)Air Force Lieutenant GeneralThomas McKinney(Thomas McInerney) said that an attempt to steal the election occurred during the presidential election.Treasonbehavior. In an exclusive interview with New Tang Dynasty Television (NTD), the retired Samsung Lieutenant General said that the stealing election is the world’s largest cyber warfare […]

André Marín will publish a book that will shake Mexican television

André Marín has been consistently singled out as one of the causes of José Ramón Fernández abandon Aztec TV and has even been rated by this like a “traitor”, although the Fox Sports host is determined to tell his truth in a book which, it promises, will shake Mexican television. Marín explained that he decided […]

Kharlamov took his daughter and moved away from Asmus?

Garik seems to have learned about his wife’s new treason during the filming. It is known that Christina Asmus spent 10 days abroad and took part in the filming of a new film. Judging by her behavior at this time, a serious quarrel occurred between her and Garik Kharlamov. Apparently, the actress again allowed herself […]

Babkina admitted that she wanted to commit suicide two weeks before giving birth

Moscow, March 7. Singer Nadezhda Babkina revealed a terrible detail that she kept secret for over 45 years. On the air of the program “Secret to a Million”, she admitted that she wanted to commit suicide during pregnancy. According to the singer, in 1974, when she was 25 years old, she seriously thought about how […]

How to put an end to the “treason” of Gemini?

Communication with flirting will end on February 26, if you use the power of the sign stone. Gemini is a sociable and charming zodiac. Restrained Virgo and humble Libra envy the sign of Air. However, it is worth knowing that the second half of the Gemini is not enthusiastic about the skill of the partner. […]

“We betray the most faithful” – Hovhannisyan publicly repented of treason Cherno

Sasha’s pregnancy, apparently, finally admonished Joseph. Sasha Cherno and Joseph Hovhannisyan are one of the couples discussed at Dom-2. Of course, the family life of Cherno and Hovhannisyan is not quite perfect, and they often get into even small trifles. After a while, the couple even managed to conceive a child, who, apparently, finally instructed […]

Dzhigarkhanyan’s wife spoke about the terrible death of his only daughter

With Tatyana Vlasova actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan lived together for almost 50 years. From her the artist went to the young pianist Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya, whom she divorced with scandal two years ago. Last year, 77-year-old Tatyana Sergeevna returned from USA and now lives in Moscow with her 84 year old husband. Together they experienced a lot […]

Porgina revealed the secret of relations Karachentsova with Olga Kabo

Nikolay Karachentsov and Lyudmila Porgina lived together for 43 years. And if for the actor it was the first and only marriage, then for the honored artist – the third. At the same time, over many years of living together Lyudmila Andreevna learned to calmly respond to rumors and gossip that circulated around the star. […]