The latest MacOS version “chokes” Macs

The latest version of MacOS, dubbed Monterey, was officially released last week. Already now it has begun to appear reports that the installation of the operating system has not gone painlessly for some users. It writes, among others, the site Macrumors. An increasing number of users are reporting that Monterey is simply putting their Macs […]

How to Automatically Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word – When making a paper, scientific work, to a thesis, the author will of course include a page containing table of contents as a page layout guide in a document. In addition to manually, a table of contents can be created automatically in software Microsoft Word, good at platform Windows, MacOS, as well as […]

It is now possible to test Universal Control on macOS Monterey

For everyone who is curious about Universal Control, it is now possible to try a little trickery, but it is at your own risk. Apple showed off a feature for macOS Monterey at WWDC that they so nicely called Universal Control. It is still not officially available to test in macOS beta, but there is […]

WhatsApp Desktop Beta Coming to Windows and iOS, Jakarta – WhatsApp has been found to be testing a beta version of the app for Windows and macOS desktop devices. Like previous beta testing, this process is one way for app developers to find out if a new feature that will be released is working well. Known, test WhatsApp verses beta it has […]

Intel Ready to Release Homemade GPU to Compete with Nvidia and AMD

On the other hand, Intel also recently announced a new line of laptops in Indonesia that already use the Intel Tiger Lake-H processor. At least, there are five global brands that are certain to use this processor, namely Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and MSI. “To meet the needs of users while playing game nor streaming, […]

macOS Monterey: Apple provides a fifth beta

22:46 | Clips knows how to do funny things, the proof in this new Today at Apple workshop22:30 | macOS Monterey: Apple provides a fifth beta23:07 | Competition: new US Senate bill would allow sideloading and third-party shops20:55 | Discover these articles from Club iGen which are freely accessible!21:37 | I installed macOS Monterey on […]

Bring New Features, Apple Introduces macOS 12 Monterey Beta Version – Apple just released macOS 12 Monterey first public beta for testers. After going through the testing process, macOS 12 Monterey is likely to be released publicly. During this testing period, macOS 12 Monterey can be downloaded via Software Update or System Preferences, which have provided profiles on Apple’s beta software website. Reporting from […]

Windows 10 is about to die. What comes after them, he is not sure

On Thursday, June 24, Microsoft is going to hold a press conference on the darkness of Co dl with Windows. Invitation to a press conference on the new Windows It has been quite unusual in recent years for a company to hold a press conference in the dark first. This is also a reason to […]

Apple Releases macOS Monterey with Universal Controls, Shortcuts, and More!

INDOZONE.ID – In addition to announcing the presence of the latest iOS 15 which comes with new features in the default application, Apple also announced macOS 12 Monterey which also brings new features for Mac users. One of the main features found in macOS Monterey is Universal Control, where macOS users can now control other […]