More than three hundred new corona infections in Drenthe

It is for the second day in a row, and for the second time this year, that the number of infections exceeds three hundred. Yesterday, a record number of 330 new infections in Drenthe were reported. On average, 284 infections per day were registered in Drenthe in the past seven days. The figures may still […]

Fewer food-borne disease outbreaks in 2020

Thursday, 21. October 2021 – 13:39 The NVWA Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the Municipal Health Service (GGD) registered fewer outbreaks of food-related infections and poisonings than in previous years. Campylobacter, Salmonella and norovirus will continue to be the main causes of food-borne disease outbreaks in 2020. This is evident from the […]

Corona golf in Meerssen after a party afternoon with 180 seniors | 1Limburg

At least ten residents of the Beukeloord care center in Meerssen have been infected with corona after a party afternoon with more than 180 seniors in the local community center. One resident has died from the virus. After the party afternoon in the Stip on October 2, at least seven visitors tested positive for corona. […]

Flevoland’s research on HPV vaccination

GGD Flevoland is investigating the vaccination readiness for HPV vaccinations in girls and boys born in 2012. This autumn GGD Flevoland is investigating what parents want to know about HPV vaccinations for their child. These vaccinations are also known as ‘cervical cancer shots’. More than 2,500 Flevoland parents with a son or daughter born in […]

RIVM: 1294 new corona infections, weekly average rising

No deaths have been reported in the region in the past 24 hours, as was Saturday. On Friday, 1 corona death was reported. However, four people with corona have been hospitalized. On the crownedhboard From the government, it can be seen that the reproduction number of the coronavirus is 2.91. This means that the virus […]

RIVM: 1271 new corona infections, no deaths in the region

Although the number of infections is again high, no deaths from corona infection have been reported in the region in the past 24 hours. One person has been hospitalized. Rural image Until 10:00 this morning, 11,064 new corona infections were reported to RIVM. That is 606 more than yesterday. It is the first time since […]

Increased risk of anxiety disorder or depression among young adults

Every four years, this monitor is used to conduct research into health, well-being and lifestyle at local, regional and national level. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this survey was conducted among nearly 540 thousand people aged 18 years or older. The data obtained from this is used, among other things, to draw up local […]

GP Heerlen: ‘Give people a button after vaccination, then…

Heerlen / Hoensbroek / Born / Buchten / Holtum / Papenhoven / Geleen / Graetheide / Sittard / Windraak / Limbricht / Einighausen / Guttecoven / Munstergeleen / Obbicht / Grevenbicht / Maastricht / Itteren / Venlo / Hout-Blerick / Boekend / Steyl / Lomm – How do you increase people’s willingness to get vaccinated? […]