Surprising Rainfall Boosts Wheat Production Outlook for 2023/24 Season in Argentina

The agricultural sector has received a pleasant surprise as far as the weather is concerned, since in recent days there have been large-scale rains that have far exceeded the monthly averages for May. This event has come at the right time to change the productive perspectives of wheat for the 2023/24 season, according to the […]

Dengue in the Time of COVID-19: Concerns, Questions, and the Promise of a Vaccine

Once the coronavirus pandemic has been neutralized, the great concern of the health authorities of our country and the province of Santa Fe is the rapid proliferation of dengue cases. A disease that is transmitted through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito and that can affect people of all ages, with symptoms ranging from […]

Indio Solari Discusses Earnings, Alleged Private Plane, and “Properties” in New York.

By Rosary3 | 26-03-2023 17:11 Ricota’s former redonditos shared a publication on social networks this Sunday in which he gave certain assumptions about his economic reality Carlos Solari, the Indian inside and outside the Redonditos de Ricota, shared this Sunday a publication on social networks in which he refers to the economic heritage that they […]

One of the worst corn harvests due to drought is coming

Disaster The productive disaster begins in Entre Ríos, continues throughout Santa Fe and extends to the west and to a large part of the central Cordoba strip. It also goes to the south: Buenos Aires is affected, especially the north and the central east. In terms of yields, Entre Ríos would reach an average of […]