Lombardy and Piedmont, a first victory – Libero Quotidiano

In the morning protests were heard in particular by Attilio Fontana e Alberto Cirio, governors of Lombardy and Piedmont, both red zones. Protests against the 21 parameters provided by the last dpcm to establish the coloration of the areas (yellow, orange, red, on the basis of which the restrictions to contain the coronavirus infection increase). […]

Coronavirus, Speranza: “The situation is serious and delicate”

The Minister of Health took stock of the evolution of the coronavirus emergency during his speech at the Fimmg congress, in Villasimius At the congress of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg), underway in Villasimius, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza spoke about the evolution of the coronavirus emergency (follow the DIRECT by Sky […]

New Dpcm covid, Hope: outdoor masks and no curfew

Italy is better than other European countries but the situation is getting worse in Italy too. For this reason it is appropriate to extend the state of emergency until January 31 and to share the new restrictions provided by the dpcm that the government is preparing to launch by tomorrow. This is, in summary, the […]

Coronavirus, cases on the rise in 10 regions. “Impact on schools in 2-3 weeks”

For eight weeks, the coronavirus infection curve has continued to grow, as has the number of active outbreaks. The weekly monitoring report of the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, referring to the period 14-20 September, still records an increase in cases. “We are ready for any eventuality in the sense that […]

Coronavirus, Hope: “Still no decision on the reduction of the quarantine”

11 September 2020 18:05 According to the Minister of Health, at the moment “the indication of the WHO which is that of 14 days” of isolation remains valid. In France quarantine reduced to 7 days “There is an ongoing discussion at an international level – continues Speranza, speaking on the sidelines of a meeting in […]

Hope in the information in the Senate: ‘All schools will reopen in September’

“Vaccine, the first doses within the year”, announces Health Minister Roberto Speranza in the report to the Senate. “In the last few hours the contract between the European Commission and Astrazeneca has been finalized, that contract starts exactly from the agreement made by Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands with this company. We are talking […]

Coronavirus, Hope: “There is no need for lockdown and closure of regions”

23 August 2020 12:35 For the Minister of Health we are facing “a spread of the infection and not an explosion” The departments of intensive care, explained the minister a Republic, are “far from a danger of saturation”. But, in order to try to contain the pace of infections and prevent the average age from […]