“Team decimated, there are three of us left”

Covid, the increase in infections in Italy is also reflected in the staff of Sunday In. He confirmed it Mara Venier, during a connection with Milly Carlucci. Read also> Dancing, Arisa wins: but insults appear on social networks. “It was better Morgan, she’s a hippo” Even this last edition of Dancing with the Stars, which […]

“It happened in the bathroom.” Mara Venier incredulous

Important absence to Sunday In. Ornella Vanoni in connection with Mara Venier tells the fall on the train which forced her not to to show up in the studio today. On the phone, Vanoni tells how she fell: «I was going in bathroom, when the train made a sudden braking“. Venier interrupts her incredulously: «But […]

“It could have been worse”. How are you

Mara Venier, the first words after the scary fall on live TV a Sunday In. “Thanks everyone for the messages, it could have been worse. I’m fine”: wrote Mara Venier in a post on Instagram on Sunday evening. Words followed by three red hearts e l’hashtag bump. The Venier had fallen during a commercial break […]

Domenica In, the pain of Mara Venier and Eleonora Daniele

The ladies of Rai 2021-2022: from Mara Venier to Antonella Clerici After death, life always comes. A message that cuts the soul in two passed in the November 7 episode of Sunday In: Mara Venier and Eleonora Daniele, united in pain and rebirth, in death and in life, because a great absence can only be […]

the post that worries followers

Luciana Littizzetto go back to the hospital again. The comic, shoulder of Fabio Fazio a Che Tempo Che Fa posted a shot from the hospital bed. «And I’m still here. Of course…»Quotes Vasco Rossi the presenter to give the news to his followers. In December 2019 Luciana was the victim of a fall on the […]

sensational humiliation for Arcuri – Libero Quotidiano

Last episode of the season of Sunday In, the program of Mara Venier broadcast on Rai 1. The latest episode which, as always, opens with a segment dedicated to the coronavirus emergency, with a series of exceptional guests: in this case, the general is also in the studio Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the emergency commissioner he […]

Mara Venier sheds light on Domenica In: how is the presenter

Mara Venier sheds light on Sunday In and reveal how she is after having immediately two interventions in a few days. The presenter a few days ago had told on Instagram that she fell into a nightmare following what should have been a simple dental operation. Despite the problems and one facial paresis caused by […]