“We’re still friends” (but mislead the question)

In the past inseparable between set and private life, Christian De Sica e Paolo Conticini they haven’t seen each other for a few years. An absence from the scene and the worldliness that has fueled rumors of tension between the two. The Roman actor, however, assures that he still has a good relationship with his […]

the comforting words of Mara Venier

Matteo Bassetti he lost his mom a week ago. TO Sunday In, in the space dedicated to Covid, Mara Venier he offered condolences and the infectious disease specialist was unable to hold back the tears. A touching moment in a period in which, says the presenter, we are all more vulnerable. Mara Venier underlined her […]

Mourning for Mara Venier, goodbye to Gianni Dei. The message on Instagram

19 October 2020 Mara Venier, 70 years of love and career Mara Venier shared a post on Instagram where he remembers with a touching message his brotherly friend Gianni Dei, who has disappeared on the morning of October 19th. Just a few hours ago, the presenter in the episode of Sunday In on October 18 […]

Luca Argentero on Domenica In: Italy has a “new Montalbano”

Luca Argentero, the tender family photos on Instagram Guest of the Mara Venier a Sunday In, Luca Argentero arrived in splendid shape and has not denied that he is experiencing a very happy period of his life. In fact, for a few months he became a father of a beautiful little girl – Nina Speranza […]

Mara Venier thrills with Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Domenica In flies

Mara Venier triumphs with her Sunday In which won the title of the most viewed program of the afternoon. Zia Mara reached peaks of 15.4%, nailing 2,578,000 spectators to the small screen. A real success that is repeated from year to year. Thanks not only to the skill of Venier who is adored by her […]

“Lockdown? I couldn’t sleep in Rome. ” Then the truth about the disease

Emma Marrone was a guest of Mara Venier a Sunday In. The singer from Salento told herself, also revealing some background of her private life: ┬źDuring the first week of the lockdown I couldn’t sleep. Then I started to get busy and got my life back. I wanted to go through the quarantine with my […]