Roberto Speranza, “where it will appear” to talk about the coronavirus. A setback to the Italians? – Free Daily

Tomorrow, Sunday 21 March, promises to be a new successful episode a Sunday In, the program led by Mara Venier on Rai 1. The hostess, in fact, will have among her guests the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, which will connect with the broadcast to talk about the Covid emergency and the resumption of the vaccination campaign after the temporary stop to the vaccine of Astrazeneca. But Speranza will not be the only one; together with him many other experts and studio guests.

Venier will also host the immunologist Francesco Le Foche, which will take stock of the vaccines currently available in our country for the fight against Covid. The presenter, then, will be joined by the journalist Giovanna Botteri, gives Alberto Matano and yes Ferzan Ozpetek who, together with her, will retrace the crucial moments of this year of coexistence with the pandemic.

Mara Venier, then, managed to score a coup: she will interview the actress Matilda De Angelis, also known internationally for having starred in the American TV series The Undoing with Nicole Kidman e Hugh Grant. De Angelis will talk about her career and private life, she will talk about her experience at the Festival of Sanremo and the new Rai 1 fiction in which he will take part, Leonardo. Among the guests also some protagonists of Sanremo, such as Bugo, Madame, i ComaThings e Ghemon. Finally, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nino Manfredi, there will be a connection with his wife Erminia and their son Luca.



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