Coronavirus, Speranza: “The situation is serious and delicate”

The Minister of Health took stock of the evolution of the coronavirus emergency during his speech at the Fimmg congress, in Villasimius

At the congress of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners (Fimmg), underway in Villasimius, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza spoke about the evolution of the coronavirus emergency (follow the DIRECT by Sky TG24). “The numbers that arrive even in these hours tell us that we are in a huge challenge and that we must think together on how to face it and win it: I come from a CDM in which we have extended the state of emergency until January 31”, explained Speranza. “With today’s choices we are marking a change: no more ordinances to expand, but ordinances that warn of a serious and delicate situation”, added the minister.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza
Health Minister Roberto Speranza – © Getty

“We need to raise the attention threshold”


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“It would be an illusion to think that in the international context we are out of danger and politics must tell the truth and yesterday in Parliament I said it, explaining why we are calling for a state of emergency, because the data say that the contagion grows and it is necessary to raise the threshold of attention ”, said Speranza. He then turned directly to the doctors present at the Fimmg congress and defined them as “an irreplaceable piece of the state”. “Enhancing the principals and studies of general practitioners is an interest of the country. I’m fine with the money Recovery Fund, of the Mes and the State Budget, but I am interested that the season of cuts is definitively closed and we begin to invest in our National Health Service (NHS). Because every euro you put on your health is the biggest investment, ”the minister stressed.

Towards a reform of the National Health Service

Speranza then spoke of the need to build a new great season of investments in the National Health Service, seen as “a responsibility of all of us”. “Today we can imagine a reform of the NHS in a season in which there are no cuts, but more resources to be put in place. We can share a drawing whose key word is “proximity”. We have to imagine an NHS that comes close to people and tries to respond to the needs of the community ”, added Speranza.

Rapid tests in doctors’ offices


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During his speech, Speranza also defined the willingness of family doctors to carry out rapid tests in their studies “an extraordinary message to the country”. He then added that “the State and the Regions must immediately get to work to ensure conditions of maximum safety”. “We can’t tell you do the tests but there are no masks. For this reason, those 235 million approved and which are used to bring first-level diagnostics into your studies must arrive immediately because they are needed today. We approved that provision in the budget law at the end of December, then there was an emergency, but now we are in a different phase and we need to accelerate. We have the tools and we can do it in the shortest time possible. Work is underway to accelerate this result and bring home this result ”, continued Speranza. The minister then spoke about the training of doctors. I am ready immediately to sit at a table with you, because a changing NHS needs adequate training and continuous training is needed, because if there are quick changes, training must be a piece of our work and the State must. recognize “. Today, added Speranza,” the challenge is too great for anyone to think of playing it alone. If we don’t strengthen our healthcare facility, we won’t play the game of the future ”.

At work to avoid a second general lockdown

Speranza added that the government is working day and night to avoid a second national lockdown. “Every day we evaluate the epidemiological picture – he explains – and we know that each lockdown has a cost, but the results that will occur in two, three or four weeks are not written in the sky. Nobody is sure about what will happen, it depends a lot on people’s behavior, which is why hand washing, social distance and the use of masks are the key to breaking down this virus “.


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