Covid in Ferrara, 105 new infections and one death

In province of Ferrara others have been identified 105 cases of positivity to Covid-19, of which only 23 symptomatic. Unfortunately it also registers a death at the Cona hospital: it is an 88-year-old from Copparo, who had been hospitalized in a Covid ward on November 17, already suffering from concomitant previous pathologies. A death that […]

Ferrari: “High viral circulation, important to protect yourself”

The daily number of new positive cases, as well as that of hospital admissions for Covid, testify a high viral circulation in the Modena area. For this reason it is increasingly important to respect the prevention rules, in every context, even in the family one where most infections occur: “Hand hygiene, use of the mask […]

Media, Austria towards total lockdown – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BOLZANO, NOV 13 – Austria goes towards total lockdown. The announcement is expected tomorrow afternoon during a press conference by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Almost two weeks after the so-called soft lockdown, with an evening curfew, infections continue to rise, with over 9,000 new cases a day. According to the daily Der Standard, the […]

Covid: 32,616 infections and 331 deaths, numbers down – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 08 – There are 32,616 new cases of coronavirus positivity in the last 24 hours (7,195 fewer than yesterday). The victims are 331 (94 fewer than yesterday). 191,144 new swabs were carried out, about 40 thousand fewer. This was reported by the data released by the Ministry of Health. A total […]

In Bologna center full of people for a shopping Saturday – Emilia-Romagna

Parades and demonstrations in the square, many people even after 18 (ANSA) – BOLOGNA, 07 NOV – Saturday afternoon crowded in one hundred in Bologna, with hundreds of people in the main square and in the pedestrian area between via Indipendenza and via Rizzoli, even at the stroke of 6 pm, when bars and clubs […]

Covid: Argentina, stop lockdown in Buenos Aires and its province – Ultima Ora

(See ‘Covid: Argentina, agreement with Russia …’ 01:42 am) (ANSA) – BUENOS AIRES, 7 NOV – Argentine President Alberto Fernández announced that, given the current encouraging results, Buenos Aires and the his province will pass from the lockdown in effect from March to a phase of simple social distancing. The news agency Telam reports today. […]

Carlo Conti in hospital in Florence, is recovering – Tv

(ANSA) – ROME, NOV 06 – Carlo Conti has been under treatment for a few days at the Careggi hospital in Florence to be followed at best having the symptoms of contagion from Covid-19. Followed by the doctors, he is recovering quickly, waiting to be back on TV. Rai makes it known. (HANDLE). REPRODUCTION RESERVED […]

so the virus tracking was skipped

PORDENONE – While the infections increased, marking the now classic doubling every five to six days, the human forces in the field remained the same. And to the “normal” work, made up of epidemiological investigations on the territory and swabs, was added monitoring in schools. “We still have a week or two,” explained Lucio Bomben, […]