US Inflation Rises More than Expected, Fed Interest Rate Uncertainty

Xinhua News Agency, New York, February 13. Summary´ŻťInflation rises more than expected, and the outlook for the Fed to cut interest rates is uncertain Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Yanan The U.S. consumer price index (CPI) rose more than expected in January, increasing uncertainty about the direction of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Economists predict … Read more

Bank of Japan Governor warns of uncertain outlook for wages and prices

Original title: After maintaining negative interest rate monetary policy, the Governor of the Bank of Japan warned that the outlook for wages and prices is highly uncertain Bank of Japan Governor Kazuo Ueda said on Monday that there is “very high uncertainty” about whether companies will continue to raise prices and wages, once again emphasizing … Read more

“Marvin Harrison Jr.: NFL’s Next Star Receiver?”

Drafted in the first round by the Indianapolis Colts in 1996, Marvin Harrison Sr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame after a highly successful career receiving Peyton Manning’s pass that culminated in winning Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears. However, his son Marvin Jr. is about to eclipse his father’s achievements one day. … Read more

Today’s Equity Outlook = Weak, Choppy on US Economy Worries Ahead of BOJ Governor’s Conference | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Tokyo stock market on Thursday is expected to see a weak run for the Nikkei stock average. The previous day’s US stock market is expected to start selling early, following the trend of continued economic worries and declines in the three major indexes. Today the announcement of the results of the … Read more

German November inflation rate fell month on month, economic outlook still not optimistic_Price_Energy_Data

Original title: German November inflation rate fell month by month, economic outlook is not yet optimistic On November 29 local time, the German Federal Statistical Office announced its estimated inflation rate in Germany for November. According to the report, the country’s inflation rate in November is expected to be 10%, slightly lower than 10.4% in … Read more

East Elek Expects Strong Decline In Profits During This Period Semiconductor Manufacturers Postpone Investments | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – Tokyo Electron said Thursday it lowered its consolidated operating profit forecast for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 to 546 billion yen, down 8.9% from the year. previous one. Earnings are expected to rise 19.5% to 716 billion yen, but earnings are expected to decline. In addition to the impact of … Read more

An upcoming update for iOS 16 addresses “SKadNetwork”

Apple said via the company’s System Status page that it is updating iOS 16 with a fix for an issue with its SKAdNetwork advertising framework. Apple said the problem started on November 3, without giving further details. Issue affecting users of SKAdNetwork for iOS 16.1 Apple has indicated that there is an issue affecting “SKAdNetwork” … Read more

Today’s Equity Outlook = Conflict, High Price Warning to Buy and Sell 200-Day Line | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – The Nikkei stock average is expected to be in slump in the Tokyo stock market today. While the environment is not bad due to strong stock prices in Europe and the US, buying and selling are said to be mixed up due to the previous day’s anticipated hike and fears of high … Read more

Poll: 70% of Americans think the country’s future is bleak and the future is in danger – Xinhua

2022-10-17 18:54 source: Overseas network Poll: Seven out of 10 Americans see a bleak future for the country Overseas Network, October 17According to the Associated Press report of October 17, a new poll showed that 71% of the American public believe that the country’s prospects are bleak and that the future is in a “dangerous … Read more

Equity Outlook Today = Weak Stocks, Weak Tech Stocks, or Strong Domestic Stocks | Reuters

TOKYO (Reuters) – Today’s Tokyo stock market is expected to weaken the Nikkei stock average. The three major US equity markets had mixed performances yesterday, but the decline in the Nasdaq Composite could put pressure on technology and growth stocks, he said. Furthermore, the US consumer price index (CPI) is expected to be released tomorrow … Read more