Russian army, over 100 thousand victims in Ukraine reported by US military leaders | Reuters

The uniformed commander of the United States, General Milly, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Thursday that more than 100,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded in Ukraine and that the Ukrainian military likely suffered similar casualties. FILE PHOTO: Bakhmut, Donetsk region, November 4, 2022. REUTERS / Clodagh Kilcoyne

[ワシントン 9日 ロイター] – Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Milley, head of the group in US military uniform, said on the 9th that the number of Russian soldiers killed and wounded in Ukraine exceeded 100,000 and that the Ukrainian army likely suffered similar casualties.

It is the highest estimate of the victims of the Ukrainian conflicts ever given by US officials.

Speaking about the prospects for a diplomatic solution at an event at the New York Economic Club, Millie said the early rejection of negotiations in World War I led to more casualties and more casualties. “If the opportunity presents itself and peace can be achieved, we should seize the opportunity.”

Russia announced today that it would withdraw troops from the west bank of the Dnieper near the strategic city of Kherson in southern Ukraine.

Some experts say this will put Ukraine in a favorable position to negotiate, while others warn that Russia will buy time in negotiations and prepare for a new offensive in the spring.

Milly said Russia appears to have effectively withdrawn from Kherson at this point, but that it may take some time to complete.

Regarding the impact of the conflict on Ukrainian civilians, he said that 15 to 30 million people have been displaced and perhaps 40,000 have died.

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