Gas price in Europe has risen above $ 1700

Gas price rise in Europe – – On the previous trading day, the European gas exchange trades closed at $ 1.5 thousand. In Europe, at the opening of trading on Monday, December 20, the price of gas rose and amounted to more than 1.7 thousand dollars. This is evidenced by the data of the London […]

Gas in Europe fell sharply

Photo: Ukrtransgaz Gas has fallen in price – – Yesterday gas on the European market for the first time in two months rose above $ 1,700 per thousand cubic meters. Gas prices at auctions in Europe on Friday, December 17, fell by almost 10%. – Thus, the price of January futures on the TTF hub […]

Gas price from supplier of “last resort” increased almost sixfold – UNIAN

Government decree, which limited the supplier’s price to UAH 7.96 / cu. m, expired on December 1. More than 600 thousand households will pay more for gas / photo— Gas Supply CompanyNaftogaz of Ukraine“, which acts as a supplier of” last resort “on the gas market, announced that the gas price for December 2 […]

Gazprom noticed the impact of expensive gas on demand

Photo: Median.Az Gazprom pumps gas according to contracts – – The Russian concern does not consider the current prices of $ 1000 per thousand cubic meters “stable”. High gas prices have already begun to negatively affect demand. The downward trend in gas imports by Europe is a general market trend. This was announced on Monday, […]

Nord Stream 2 may be commissioned without obtaining a certificate – media

In particular, there have been similar examples of gas pipeline launches in the past – they were originally commissioned without obtaining the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) certificate and the EGL 401 gas pipeline. Moreover, the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 will save Russian Gazprom “Transit fees for pumping gas through the territory of Ukraine,” […]

Gas in Europe fell to $ 990

Last week, the gas price renewed its monthly maximum. Since then, the price has dropped by nearly $ 200. The cost of gas in Europe on Monday, November 22, declines, according to data from the ICE exchange. Thus, the price of December futures on the TTF hub in the Netherlands dropped to $ 993 per […]

Price shock for electricity and gas – live and save

– Many households received mail from their energy supplier this week. Reason: price increases must be announced six weeks in advance. If you want to increase prices at the turn of the year, you had until Friday. Bitter balance: 180 electricity and 392 gas basic suppliers have announced an increase of up to 125 percent […]

Gas price in Europe has updated its monthly maximum

Gas price approached $ 1200 – – Gas began to rise in price on the European market after the announcement of the suspension of certification of Nord Stream-2. The price of gas on the European market on Wednesday, November 17, exceeded $ 1180 – this is the maximum for a month. Gas prices in Europe […]

Gazprom refused to increase supplies: gas rises in price

Фото: Getty Images Gazprom once again refused to book transit additional capacities – – The Russian gas monopoly once again did not book additional capacities for transit to Europe. Gas prices in Europe are rising on Tuesday, November 2, following Gazprom’s refusal to book additional transit capacity through Ukraine and Poland for the first quarter […]