Nord Stream 2 is being prepared for launch in the coming days

As the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak said, Nord Stream-2 has been completed. “Now start-up and adjustment works are underway and the pipe is being filled with the required technological amount of gas. And I believe that it will be ready for operation in the coming days, in order to launch […]

Biden drops sanctions against Nord Stream 2

The publication writes that the Biden administration does not intend to impose sanctions, as Congress and Republican Senator Ted Cruz are seeking. In particular, Cruz is delaying the approval of seven American ambassadors and thus is trying to achieve the introduction of measures against Nord Stream 2. Politico, citing two sources, notes that the White […]

Putin calls for stabilization of the gas market

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called for stabilization in the natural gas market at a time when critics in Europe are blaming Moscow for soaring gas prices. Speaking at the Moscow Energy Forum, Putin said that “it is very important to propose a long-term mechanism to stabilize the energy market in this difficult situation.” […]

Kuleba supports discussion of Nord Stream 2 in Normandy format

He recalled that work is now underway to try organize a summit of leaders of countries, which Angela Merkel is ready to hold while still in the status of German Chancellor. Kuleba noted that during the meeting of the UN General Assembly, his German and French colleagues Heiko Maas and Jean-Yves Le Drian wanted to […]

US will continue to oppose Nord Stream 2 – Department of State / GORDON

“Our policy, as we very clearly stated, including in the context of the announcement of a joint statement with Germany a few months ago, is that we continue to oppose this pipeline. We still believe that this is a geopolitical project of the Russian Federation. And we will continue to apply the law is in […]

Gazprom must get rid of monopoly position in Europe – Zerkal / GORDON

“It provides that the pipeline cannot be in the same hands as gas production. That is, Gazprom must get rid of its monopoly position. And this is the main requirement of European legislation. That is why Naftogaz went through the unbundling process. Sergei Makogon, who heads the Gas Transportation System Operator. He is the head […]

Nord Stream 2: Controversial Baltic Sea pipeline completed

Russia has completely relocated the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline to Germany – despite opposition from the USA. Ukraine now fears its role as a gas transit country. Does Moscow use the gas pipeline as a weapon? According to the Russian gas company Gazprom, the controversial Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been […]