Gas price in Europe dropped to $ 740

Photo: Imago Gas in Europe fell to $ 740 per thousand cubic meters – – This was preceded by an 11% rise in prices against the backdrop of the suspension of direct gas pumping to Germany via Yamal – Europe. The cost of gas in Europe during the auction fell below $ 740 per thousand […]

In Moldova, the price of Russian gas was named in November

Photo: Moldova expects that in the future the gas price will decrease – – On the eve, Moldova signed a new five-year gas supply contract with Gazprom, but its details were not disclosed. Moldova will import Russian gas in November at $ 450 per thousand cubic meters. This was announced on Saturday, October 30, […]

State Department: Russia did not create a gas crisis in Europe

Photo: The Russian Federation is not to blame for the gas crisis, the United States admitted – – The energy crisis in Europe occurred due to various factors, but the Russian Federation did nothing to mitigate it, Hochstein said. US State Department spokesman for energy security Amos Hochstein admitted that Russia is not to […]

Poland asked Russia to reduce gas prices

Photo: Imago Poland does not intend to renew the Yamal contract with Gazprom – – The Polish company PGNiG believes that high gas prices in Europe are grounds for revising the contract with Gazprom. PGNiG has applied for a gas price cut under the Yamal contract with Gaprom, the Polish company said on Thursday, October […]

Naftogaz has named the price of gas for state employees before winter

Photo: Naftogaz gas prices are known until the end of autumn – – Until the end of autumn, the budgetary institutions and customers of the Supplier of Last Hope will be supplied with gas no more than UAH 16.8 per cubic meter. In October-November, the cost of Naftogaz gas to budgetary organizations will be […]

Putin: Russia is not interested in high gas prices

The Russian Federation is developing measures to neutralize the consequences of the energy crisis – – High gas prices can lead to an increase in the cost of fertilizers, which will increase the price of food. Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the government on Wednesday, October 20, discussed the energy crisis. He […]

EU calls gas price a geopolitical problem

EU considers rising energy prices a geopolitical problem – – The gas price hike in Europe is “an ideal storm when many objective factors coincided in time,” said Josep Borrell. The European Union views the rise in gas prices as a geopolitical problem. This was stated by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell following […]

The Russian government does not see a shortage of gas in Europe

Photo: PGNiG UGS occupancy in Europe remains at a minimum level – about 74% – – Production capacity cannot be increased by magic, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. High prices for natural gas in Europe are not due to a shortage of its supply, but to a low level of storage capacity. This […]

Naftogaz has offered a fixed price for gas until 2023

Photo: Naftogaz proposes a new gas price – – The decision was agreed and approved by the government of Ukraine and the supervisory board of the company. NAC Naftogaz of Ukraine from Tuesday, October 12, he offered a fixed price for gas in the amount of UAH 13.7 / cu. m (excluding VAT and […]